HUGE QUESTION--Is this all consequences of a non fulfilled prophecy

This year thanks to a spell with Sitael that I had preformed back in January, my first 3 months of this year wasn’t riddled with every aspect of my entire world falling apart.

This is where I talk about how I felt like I may have been cursed, & in there it was brought up that I may have a self fulling proficy of having everything torn asunder, & then by April/may things start getting better.

Now that this year hasn’t had the self fulfilling proficy fulfilled is it possible that everything that’s happened this year so far, i.e the thereat of WWIII, the endless fires in Australia, & now the pandemic (of thou that shall not be named in this thread) is a result of that, & if so, how do I stop it??

Short answer. NO
I highly doubt that the world being in caos depends on you, simply put you are not that special but hey same goes for everyone else.


Fair response I wasn’t trying to come off that way at all, it was just completely curiosity because it’s so convenient that the one year I don’t go through what I normally do the whole world practically goes sideways you know what I mean??

Yea i got it(:slightly_smiling_face:
But you can view this as a little experiment, If the world is back in order for next spring and you then get hit by your normal luck then that would be weird.
Hopefully you can use this time forcfocus and make sure to break the pattern so that your next year will not revert back to whats its been.

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That is true…I guess we won’t really know until next year :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Okay so 1 prophecy being an aspect of divination is a way of viewing or perceiving one possible future in the seething cauldron of time.

On small scales within your own life this can be put to pragmatic use fairly easily while on the large scale things can shift in totally different directions for countless reasons and causes both of a mundane and magickal nature depending on the amount of people involved.

I would advise focusing on your personal goals currently instead of tryin to figure out how to save the world, unless you currently have the skills, knowledge and experience necessary to make definitive impacts in things and that is your goal your just gonna spin yourself into a world of headaches and turmoil.

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I appreciate you saying that

I’m not necessarily trying to. From what I understand about unfulfilled prophecies is that usually there is a lot of dire consequences to it & since this prophecy was not fulfilled I’m wondering if we’re seeing consequences that’s why had originally asked the question you know what I mean??

It sounds like who ever told you this was overthinking things.

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Im not sure i agree…Each individual has their own universe per say…The subjective universe. Everything meets at the objective…So maybe an individual’s changes, torments will be cast unconsciously into objective reality, and back down into the subjective changing it…

To the original poster, things will collapse, plagues come and go, extinctions are cyclical and we as a species are long overdue death…especially in the pattern of stupidity we collectively can no longer escape…I beleive those of us alive are blessed to watch the human race perish,…a front row seat to some kinda apocalypse is a blessed thing, and a novelty.

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I have a thought although I agree that this pandemic wasn’t caused by OP’s actions or more so lack of in adherence to the question. Perhaps it’s possible that by doing so and being consciously aware of the mistake is what led his current conscious being to be experiencing this particular dimension were this pandemic is subsequently happening at this time and perhaps all of us are experiencing similar results for some mistake on this plane of existence and we are all either here to share the consequences save those that are experiencing this reality in order to perhaps guide others through the storm.

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I’m not sure where the mistake is Though to be perfectly honest because I’m very thankful that my petition worked, & I manifested better luck for myself through Raziel guiding me to Sitael…I was just curious if by doing so, which halted my bad luck spree that usually occurs Jan-Mar is what caused the world to expierence the bad luck for me instead, or if it caused a series of events that had dire outcomes because my ‘self fulfilling proficy’ wasn’t fulfilled this year

I see your point, but we’re also like cockroaches. It’s not very easily to put the out lol!!

But do you think that by changing my own personal luck had unforeseen consequences on the rest of the populous??