How would you summon an entity?

Hello everyone, just wanna ask you, is there a way for example my friend’s house is haunted, so as everyone who got there felt or seen, shadows etc etc.

How would you summon/contact that entity(maybe it’s not a single one?) remotely?

Is there a way to communicate with it remotely?



You wouldn’t need to summon the entity since it seems the entity is already very active and present. I would just try and communicate with it (telepathy/etc), and protection + banishing if you need to.

Any idea how to establish a connection for communication?

Well I would first find out the intention of the spirit/entity before trying to form a connection.

Personally I’d prefer to astral travel to it to have a conversation, if it was going to talk - not all hauntings are benign. If you can’t do that, try a ouja board, just be very specific about what you ask for.

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Ouja boards work?

The thing never worked for me…

Most likely it’s a trapped soul