How Would You Like To Die?


Magick usually assumes it’s about watching other people die, the goals of religion and the afterlives thereof are too personal (you only can ever affect or influence yourself) but for necromancy, I wondered - how would you like to die?

I have my methods chosen and the reasons, I know a lot about anatomy, neuroscience, etc…

Let’s ghoul-out, and talk about this? :slight_smile:

Especially since I might be evoking your spooky ass, if you die before me!


The only thing I’ve ever really thought about is how I want to go quickly. I used to work in a nursing home when I was younger and watching people just rot like that just looks like a horrible way to go.


Age reversal tech is merely a few years away. I will leave dying to the Deathists, thanks.


If tech got well enough in my lifetime to replace any body part (Ive heard a little about this starting, growing new parts in a lab) and age reversal, I would total be down for living forever!


I would prefer to die versus live forever. Call me a Deathist!!! I would prefer to die via cardiac arrest brought on by vigorous interpersonal activites…but it’s probably going to be cancer. We shall see :slight_smile: anyone else?


My physical transition will come as I defend our planet from the ravaging alien hordes. Complete immolation as I take the bastard with me. It will be glorious!


In my sleep I think. At a time in life when I am expecting it and feel that I have done my part and dont have any unfinished business left to resolve.


[quote=“Lady Eva, post:1, topic:6554”]I have my methods chosen and the reasons, I know a lot about anatomy, neuroscience, etc…[/quote]i would prefer a painless death when i have no more reason to live, what methods do you know of this sort ?


Only in the moment of my greatest achievement. To leave life gracefully, laughingly - and not without that measure of near-contempt that marks great lovers when they draw near, and also move apart. :wink:


Painless spontenous combustion while in a small room with a claustrophobic pyrophobic


That’s hilarious


I would choose my Death in Such a way as to Validate living a prosperous and joyful wealthier life (both in Monetary and Non-Monetary sense) to ahere I enjoy a nice peaceful death. Ones Death defines ones Life =) oh yeah and if you were to Evoke me it would rather more likely be because my Angel evoked you in order to Evoke me to do specific important works to continue on the Great Work, which isnt always fathomable because there is also the bigger picture. Ever see the movie Dracula Untold? In the future he enters the city and meets his reincarnated Lover to thence if course feed off the silly christians once again =p


I want to go out the way my ancient ancestors did. Fighting for every single breath and not giving a inch. I don’t think I would ever want to leave this world after all this is the highest peak of purpose.


To quote Tyrion Lannister: “In my own bed, at the age of 80 with a belly full of wine and a girl’s mouth around my cock”


What is this Death you speak of? I’m Immortal…

No I would hope for peacefully. Welcome Death as an old friend and aqauntaince, then waiting to reincarnate again.


I would transfer my conciouness to a less disagreeable version of reality after finishing the business I came here to do.


Peacefully but not in my sleep… I’d actually want to be fully aware of what’s going on.


suicide by nitrous oxide. not the way i will, but its a nice thought :slight_smile:


explode in a useful way, lol…
how’s that?


I would like to have control over my death. Knowing when it will come and making the preparation for it. No God, No Angel, No Demon, No Nothing can control where or how my mind stream or soul will reincarnate. At least that’s what I want.

That said, I think it will never happen. I always thought as a kid even till this day for some reason that I will some how be shot by some cop over some stupid shit or by some government hired assassin!