How would you block energy?

So I’m wondering, how would you go about blocking energy? What techniques or visualizations do you use?

I already have an idea on how to do this.

I find reflecting and deflecting easier, otherwise very big black solid metal cube around me, otherwise go invisible or into a higher vibratory level so it passes through the space and doesn’t ‘see’ you. Or a combination of these any anything else I can think of at the time.


I visualize a brick like barrier all around me or a big blue bubble but, it’s what works best for you it could be anything you want or what represents protection to you.


If it’s a person annoying me I visualise a mirror (little less than 4ft) reflecting back at them and direct how they’re making me feel back at them with my eyes. It’s a bit of multitasking and sometimes you’ll forget to respond because you’re focusing on the mirror. Lol. It always gets them, they’ll slow down their train of thought or become interrupted by something else.

For the other ‘stuff’, albeit for banishing, the Rose Cross Ritual works wonders. This can make you undetectable in the astral plane to some degree.