How Will The Gods And Demons Survive?

So recently i watched this absolutely mind blowing video TIMELAPSE OF THE FUTURE: A Journey to the End of Time (4K) - YouTube

And i was wondering when the sun has died,
do the sun gods like RA and Lucifer die with it
cause that worries me cause i love lucifer Alot.
And will the gods and demon even exist when the universe has ended ?
So many questions !!
And also when i saw the black holes I thought of the black sun but i dont think that has anything to do with that.
And another thing that came to my mind was if the astral plane would die when the universe has ended ?
This whole thing is just mind blowing to me ?

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They have nothing to do with our sun, I view Gods who are like “God of the sun” to mean their elemental affinity is solar, like Ra he’s the embodiment of the spiritual element sun, lucifer not so much more that he has the elemental affinity in his energy not that he embodies it like a ‘primordial’ God such as Ra.

The Gods and demons aren’t of this universe they’re from a completely different plane all together…then again I highly doubt this universe will end, that’s imo is just humanity making grandiose theories of where the universe is heading.


You make a great point !
I dont really believe the universe will end either
But according to science it it possible that the universe will end but also possible it will never end !

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I have read that our galaxy is slowly expanding, and so is our universe, so it’s a possible 50/50 chance, but I wouldn’t worry about Lucifer and Co. they’re in another plane and by the time that happens if it happens we won’t be here to worry about it unless we decide to come back during a time it does somewhere in this universe lol.

We wont be here to witness it

Indeed in some spiritual currents is believed that only the ones who attained “Liberation” will continue to exist once the manifestation has been re-absorbed.
Of course the higher some progress are, the harder will be to achieve them.

The primordial beings have nothing to worry about.


I don’t think sun gods like Ra will disappear. Just because they are sun-like gods doesn’t mean they are gods that depend on the sun. I believe that they embody the sun in some way or another.

Also, I don’t think the astral realm will disappear if the universe ends. The universe is apart of OUR realm, so of course we would end; but there are many realms out there.

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Yes exactly. There’s lot of multiverses, this is just one and the deities are in more than this one.

For those consciousnesses not directly being a deity we can either go to a different multiverse or be reabsorbed by the entity that created us. (Lucifer is a deity in my worldview)

It goes on an on there is no end and no beginning.

IMO obvs.

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