How totally cleanse purify an object, a gift?

When you have received, as a gift, an object, from a person who is friend of you, but due to the background life circumstances of that person(problems, diseases, bad luck etc) you feel or suspect that the gift, although given surely with good intention, maybe negatively charged, what cleansing methods would you use if you wanted to keep the gift but to cleansing and purifying it totally making it totally harmless in the case it was charged? Give me some insights and ideas, please.
Thanks for helping.

It’s very easy. First, all methods rely on your mindful intention that this object is being cleansed, then, you only have to direct that energy to do the cleansing. Don’t just go through the motions, nothing will happen without you willing it so.

My preferred method, use swordfingers:

  1. Place the object on the Earth
  2. with your other hand put your first and 2nd finger together and curl the others, this is called swordfingers.
  3. Set your intention that this object is being cleansed
  4. Point from top down and visualise or know that your cleansing intention is flowing through the object, washing away any unwanted energy. You may spontaneously see black specks flowing into the ground.
  5. Keep doing it until you feel you’re done.

Other methods: put it in a bowl and leave it you under a full moon to cleanse, also done for crystals often
If it can get wet without damage, rinse it under clean water that runs into the ground
Or get incense and hold it in the smoke to cleanse it.


Place the object in a bowl of salt.


I invoke the demonic elemental circle and place the object over the smoke of the incense and visualize how it cleaning in the smoke.

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If it’s an object that can be physically cleaned with water I would use soapy (a product made with essential oils of sage and cedar) water with a palm full of salt and let it sit. If it’s something that cannot get wet then I would do two rounds. First would be smudging with incense. The second would be passing over a candle flame. Close enough to feel the heat but not to catch fire.

Trust your gut on this.

I bought something from a thrift store and said “oh, I’ll clean it in the morning”. Boy was I sorry. It acted as some sort of beacon. I lucked out because my higher self stepped in when I got dreamwalked. Things were going left really fast. And yes I threw that sh!t out in the morning. (After I cleaned it of course.) I don’t know what their intentions were but I wasn’t going to find out.

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I do mine similar ways with moon or solar energy. You can also cleans using stones that are specifically made for cleansing and charging. Having a crystal grid comes in handy for this or a charging plate (want to get one so bad…)


You can also use herbs such as incense or loose herbs for a good cleanse. Use the smoke to help visualize it being purged of any nasty. Also this could be used to charge the object so it’s a win win and unlike salt or water you don’t need to worry about erosion or damaging the stone or object with this method.

Another is using fire such as a flame from a candle. You can set it up similar to a crystal grid or use a combo. Take candles that has been charged for this purpose and run the object over the flame (not to close). You can also do this by having the wax of the candle run over the objects (if you know they won’t be damaged).

Another way is to have a garden charge. Plants especially herb ones hold a lot of grate properties. Bury the stone (object) to help with the cleansing and charging. But again make sure it’s ok as some may have issues with this.

Another is using your own energy to charge and cleans or evoke/invoke spirits to assist.

There is a lot of ways but these are a few of my favorites.

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I typically use salt.

But the other thing I tend to do is blow on it with the intent to blow away the negative energies attached and push those into the ground. While simultaneously filling it with fresh energy. (Such as visualizing that I’m blowing energetic fire into it that burns off anything unwanted).

Running water is another thing I’ll do, as I state that the water will return the energies to the earth on its path without harm.

Consecration ritual with the elements

An example is cleansing my Pendulum

Get the following resources on your table and place it like this (cup of water, salt on a plate etc…):

I bring this “magickal” tool/gift to be dedicated to the service of Me, Source, Arch Angels, Angels. Daemons, Ancient Gods (pick one).

Bring the tool/gift 3 times in smoke of incense.
Say: By the power of air. Be thy purified. Be thy dedicated to be purly of thought and to harmlessness in all intentions to which thou art used. May thy harm none and be for the good off all.

Bring the tool/gift 3 times above the flame (if it can handle, touch the flame) .
Say: By the power of fire. Be thy purified. Be thy dedicated to be purity of desire,
and to harmlessness in all goals which thou thus help achieve. May thy harm none and be for the good off all.

Bring the tool/gift 3 times in water.
Say: By the power of water. Be thy purified. Be thou dedicated to be the purity of emotions
and harmlessness, that thou shalt be used in a spirit of harmony. Harming none and for the good off all.

Pick up the salt and sprinkle it over the tool/gift. And with sand we place the tool/gift in the sand and we can sprinkle it too
Say: By the power of earth. Be thy purified. Be thy dedicated to set fastness, purity and purpose that my will be achieved without waivering with harm to none. And for the good off all.

This “magickal” tool/gift is now purified and cleansed and I ask the Ancient Gods to bless it.
That it may be blessed and protected always when it’s with me.

So it is and so it will be.

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