How to work with a demon in my apartment I don't know the name of?

There has been a demonic entity residing in the bedroom of mine and my girlfriend’s apartment since long before we moved in. Its energy has been getting stronger since we’ve lived here. It has been specifically targeting my girlfriend with mild poltergeist activity (knocking pendants off dressers, pulling on the cord of her hair dryer as she’s getting ready for work in the morning to name a few recent experiences). The energy in the bedroom has been thick and heavy. We went to a local psychic and she revealed through a tarot reading that this entity was in FACT a demon, female more specifically. She was trapped previously by somebody who lived here. Her advice was to try communicating to her and giving an offering of red wine. What would be the best way to set up a ritual for a thoughtform that I do not know the name of?


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Do you feel that this entity is malicious? If that is the vibe you get, do not give it anything. If you do it will stick around more, and that is definitely not what you want. If you know of any local magicians, I would seek them out and ask them to perform some banishings and to ward the place. Alternatively, you may also do the same yourself.

Here’s a video by Koetting on how to perform the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram. Doing this will clear the area of any unwanted presence, and will clear away any nasty energy as well. I would perform it daily, or at least every couple of days until the energy feels better and it stops coming back.

I would also suggest looking into Magickal Protection by Damon Brand. It contains an even simpler banishing ritual, but importantly for you, also contains rituals to Cleanse any Space, Remove Parasitic Beings, and to Protect your Home. I would offer to do these for you, but they need to be performed in the space that is affected. The rituals are quite simple, however, and you can do them yourself with just a little bit of reading and practice.

I would be very careful about giving offerings to beings you do not know. Parasites will often pretend to be something that they are not, such as a demon, in order to trick you into giving them energy. This isn’t a problem for experienced magicians who can tell the difference, but for others it’s an easy trick to fall for. Don’t be sorry or apologize, it is just like a burglar breaking into your home. Kick it out, because it is invading your privacy and interfering with your life.


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Very helpful advice, I will attempt this. I was also going to have my girlfriend take a sea salt healing bath to cleanse her aura of any negative energies that may have lingered. The entity took an interest in her because she’s not spiritual and thus more vulnerable to the supernatural.

Hiya OP! Shinri’s on the nose about giving the creature wine, if it’s antagonistic it’ll see that as something else it wants (feeling trumps reading 9/10 times), but if it’s stressed bored or spiteful it might not really know what to do with the offering?

If you feel like she won’t rip your heart out of your throat the first chance she gets, look at the place you feel her presence the strongest and ask her if she needs help. If not, then she’s there for a reason that she’s dealing with, but if yes, try giving her a cup! Just an empty cup will do, preferably glass, and see if you can help her move from the walls to the glass. That’s a way easier form to communicate with! :slight_smile:

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What exactly do you mean by moving her from the walls to the glass?

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Hi! If she’s personable and willing, you can take a piece of the area she’s strongest in, and as you do that, pull the feeling of her into the piece as strongly as possible. If it works, you should feel her only in the piece and not the place, but whether or not the walls are her prison or body are curse-dependent. You can ‘prime’ the piece by pushing the elements into it to clean out residuals, but you should check with her and your feelings first, because sometimes that triggers bombs! If everything’s copesetic, she can transfer from the shard to the glass by herself, but if not, well, you might need to put it on hold until you’re more practiced; this way you don’t blow up everything! :slight_smile:

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Without knowing exactly who the spirit is myself, I would be very wary about encouraging people with little experience in these matters to engage with them in this way. It very well could be a lost ghost who just wants to move on, in which case helping it out would actually be a good thing to do, but otherwise that’s a dangerous game to play.

This is also why I would encourage anyone who is unsure to seek out a local magician if they can, and to play it safe if they cannot. I would steer clear of anyone claiming to generally be a “psychic” who can “talk to your spirit guides” or something like that. Some of these people are legit, and I don’t mean to put them down, but some are honestly just scamming ignorant people, which is a problem.

This is why I advise seeking a magician, sorcerer, occultist, or anyone else with a magickal bent. Such people tend to actually have real experience interacting with spirits on a regular basis, and should be able to discern what is going on much more reliably than anyone with some natural, though likely weak, psychic abilities.

Once again, I don’t mean to put these people down, but it’s like comparing a musician who can strum three chords on a guitar, and someone with formal musical training. One kinda knows some stuff and can figure out some things intuitively, the other knows what they are doing rather well because of their systematic training, practice, and high-level experience.


That might be true! But reading and noting only goes so far, local magicians, even less. IME people tend to like their maps too much, and the universe is too weird to be categorized, so experiencing it directly shortcuts all the human problems that come with trying to box it! There are no walls, only roads, so learning the navigation tricks early on have the least negativity associated with them. Divinations and the unpracticed are a lot easier to RNGesus around to get into the patterns for release, but IME body reactions are way harder for randos to get into.

Everyone mythologizes first contact, but it’s second , direct contact that makes the most information available. The first time, nature governs the experience, but the second? That’s when the rawest reactions are reported. People that can make the contrast on their own are really hard to find! But that means they’re hyper aware of forms, and that’s a strong trait to have, even unpracticed. :slight_smile:

Curses are usually the exemption, but OP could’ve wandered into somebody with the brains to trick the external and internal maps. :slight_smile:

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