How to use satania transformation Incantation?

Preferably without the ropes and candle’s and stuff specifically the human soul to werewolf soul video

I’m not familiar with whatever this is, is that that youtuber called Satania? They’re not a member on BALG as far as I know, you would probably be better off messaging them through their Patreon or website or whatever directly. :thinking:

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The directions are right there in the video description.

As Mulberry pointed out, and as you can see in the screenshot, it’s their own material so you’d be better off asking them somehow…

(On a weird sidenote though, this topic is oddly synchronistic for me…:flushed:)

Yes I have seen the description but I’m a beginner who’s still learning how all of this works I see only language that is the equivalent to Russian

Honestly, it’s seems pretty straightforward to me.

The chant is the central point.

What matters is the energetic vibration of the chant when it’s repeated. The actual words don’t matter so much.

The prescriptions seem pretty sensible.

Staring at the two white dots in the sigil, it’s kind of like you’re looking into eyes. Probably helps to imagine wolf eyes…

Full moon nights (because lycanthropy :full_moon_with_face: :wolf:)

Woodsy scents, because you’re trying to harness a primal atavism. Anything that conjures images of being in the wild is going to help.

The grounding, and third eye control are probably about maintaining balance as you tap into a wild type of spirit.

Fasting is for clarity (and arguably, it could be a good idea to be actually hungry as long as it’s not a distraction…to awaken that hunting instinct/spirit within you), and abstinence is for energy/Kundalini.

The whole thing about milk and soap and scents is about being in a “natural” state I suppose. You want to be feral…not domestic.

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Thanks for explaining it I think that explaining why some things are needed game me a better idea what’s needed and what I can substitute with imagination maybe I can use my laptop to listen to is while listening some forest sounds on low volume

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