How to use mugwort?

Yes these herbs are good for astral projection but what would be the procedure done wether smoked or in a tea (smoking those herbs sounds disgusting) because I doubt I’m just gonna roll a mugwort doobie and the moment I take a hit I just get SLAPPED out of my body. That would be nice though lol that would basically be like a psychedelic drug :joy:. Would you ingest the herbs then do the normal astral projection or lucid dreaming meditation/procedure and it makes it easier simply or? And how much of a hand do these herbs really lend you.

Mugwort is not like that, not a psycadelic at all. You can use it as incense, or in a tincture. It’s a ingredient in witches flying ointment, but tbh it’s value imo is in its spiritual energy, and your relationship with the spirit of mugwort, not it’s chemical properties.

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So basically what you’re saying is if you don’t have the intention to have a spiritual experience you’re just drinking a tea of dry leaves? Lol.

I drink mugwort tea a lot and just a warning it’s very bitter. If you can get past that then go for it!
I tend to already have vivid dreams but I feel like whenever I drink it before bed it’s amplified. Also it’s a good tea to try if you wanna get sleepy! Surprisingly mugwort was also used to induce abortions and stimulate menstrual cycles. (I can’t speak on my experience with those two because I’ve been on contraceptives so I don’t get either.)
I also use it to dress candles and use mugwort incense!
Never tried smoking it because I don’t smoke, can’t speak there.
But I think it’s good for vivid or even lucid dreams! I’ve never tried astral projection with mugwort. Never had any nightmares, more so freaky symbolic dreams. But not necessarily nightmares.


I agree with @Mulberry, its power lies in its spirit (its spiritual energy), rather than a chemical compound. However, in my view, the chemical compound would be a manifestation of the higher Spiritual Idea.

Nicholas Culpeper places Mugwort under the rulership of Venus. I don’t see Venus as ruling over astral projection, but Mugwort is also under the dominion of a certain Fixed Star, from what I would reckon that Mugwort could perhaps help with it in some way.

You can use it as an incense or tea. But as @futabasakura says, it has been used to induce abortions. So it’s not advised for usage by any pregnant women or those suspected of being pregant.

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I am also a medical marijuana user! I take it to help me sleep! Which is where my next question comes in. I hear people saying take mugwort before bed and that’s when I also use weed. You think if I used my marijuana then before bed like an hour later or so I ingest the mugwort it won’t ruin the effects? I feel it may alter them a little possibly since marijuana has been used spiritually too.

No I’m saying it’s not a psychedelic. It’s not an entheogen really. It can help as noted above, but it’s more a mood aid and you still have to do the real work.

Similar effect to blue lotus I feel. Also wormwood.

If it did more I suspect it would be banned tbh.

E.A. Did a book on entheogens last year you might be interested in.

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Why not. What is the book called?

I’m curious! Have you tried blue lotus or wormwood? I haven’t tried either of them. More interested in making it into a tea. I always like to hear feedback if it’s good or not ^.^

All I can say about wormwood is that it’s used for a regular menstrual cycle, just as mugwort, so pregnant women and those who want to get pregnant should not use it.

Also, always be careful with herbal teas, never drink them like water, it’s medicine.

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