How to tune out my clairaudience and parasites?

So I have now developed my clairaudience to the point I constantly hear the white noise/static. I accurately hear voices within this noise only out my left ear. I can sit there and now understand most everything I’m told. I’ve verified it at a cemetery and heard what I thought I’ve heard using a spirit box. There’s to many times I proved I’m not talking to myself so I know it’s accurate.

My problem is I have a parasite who loves to tell me he’s Belial but I know it’s not. At first it said “your going to die” I for 2 second was scared n immediately calmed down realizing how dumb that was responding “yeah…no shit every human dies. You got anything else to tell me cuz this is dumb af.” It was quiet for a second like wtf did he say?? Then told me I heard him wrong… your dads going to die from a heart attack at 7pm. It got me kinda upset for a few minutes. This was my first contact from the parasite. (Thinking it was true because it was Belial) Now my dad didn’t die that day I know he’s full of shit. I’m guessing he’s tryn to feed off my fear but he never gets any out of me anymore. I’ve been through to much in life and I’ve heard him say this bs before so fear it never gets at all. Sometimes this parasite will turn up the white noise so loud it’s ridiculous! It’s always late night when I’m tryn to sleep or about to.

How can I stop hearing the white noise cuz it’s always there? Or tune it out? Also how can I get rid of this parasite?

I’ve tried the “Ashtu malku tu dat…” banishment and the “Master Protection Ritual”banishment from Magickal Protection and LBRP. It clears my house of any entities but the parasite continues the psychic connection and always persists saying stuff when he doesn’t get his way he will repeat words over and over and over…. This shit is getting so annoying…. Any suggestions are much appreciated. It almost has me regretting opening my clairaudience cuz it’s just plain annoying.


Banishing can only be temporary as they can come right back unless you put up wards to stop them getting in in the first place.

You can also use the wards to block psychic senses, and not using them will let them atrophy. You can also do visualisations of things like, turning the dial down on the volume to quiet things down, or like you’re a boat floating above the river of noise… I’ve heard that works for other people, I’ve not successfully blocked out noise myself I just have very strong wards and I attack anything that gets through them, which makes the rest think twice. :slight_smile:


Thanks so much! So I have had wards set up in my bedroom but that for anything evil that tries to hurt me or take energy. The dial definitely helps a little! Just tried it. I’m going to create a ward like the one in the link so nothing can contact me mentally! You got no idea how much sleep and peace I’ll soon have. :joy:

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Also one other thing…. So I guess I’d say the demon I look up to most is Belial so it’s obvious why the parasite would say it’s him but could it actually be Belial? Am I being tested? I questioned maybe he’s seeing if I can deal with my gifts and not freak out and want to quit.

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I love Belial too. Imo he does test, but he tends to be more direct and doesn’t use silly mind games, negging and is not so passive aggressive, he’ll right out ask you who you think you are, and expect you to stand up to him and have a strong answer. :slight_smile:


Yea I have felt his rough lessons! For a little I didn’t fully trust them. So one day I asked Belial who should I evoke tonight immediately said Lucifer. So I’m in my circle I feel a presence behind me I said who is that? Belial says me. I was like wtf why’s he here?!?! Well let’s just say they were testing my commitment :joy:I started evocations as a Muslim and I slowly saw things the demonic truthful way. So Lucifer and Belial later after I stated something that indicated I didn’t trust them. (Not tryn to be rude but I been incarcerated many times so don’t trust anyone) and a bunch of other spirits were yelling in my ears from all around (never heard any extra entities in evocations before) I felt sick to my stomach n dizzy af. I went upstairs to recoup and then proceeded back to my room full of mayhem. I said “look I fucked up I’m sorry but I’ll take my punishment do your worst I deserve it.” Then my dumbass said someone materialize n I’ll fight you. I close my eyes sensed energy and swung. There was screeching laughter. (In hindsight that was dumb af idk what I was thinking my adrenaline was going but I think I gained respect for going into a room full of demons that were pissed n admitted my fault n faced them.) Afterwards Me: Are you mad? Belial: Not at all Me: was that a test? Belial:yes Me: Did I pass? Belial: YEESSS!!! The whole test was because when I had some of the strongest demons pissed I faced them without fear and didn’t run back to god.


Amazing, nice work :slight_smile: I agree you have to stand strong :+1:

I need to think clearer in those situations I’m glad that it wasn’t taken disrespectfully or I’d be in a world of trouble. My Baltimorean really showed on that one lol.

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