How to train your legion

I haven’t called out to my legion or used the sigil/name. But I was wondering, if they are bound to my soul already? To be honest, I don’t even want to use the servitors in my current life but only in my afterlife. So would I have to make contact with them in this life in order to be with them in my afterlife or will we meet regardless?

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They should meet you in afterlife if you command them to.

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How would I keep the legion in the hive mind while giving them new bodies?

For example if I get a member of my legion a soul, and do energy work to create a dragon body for it to inhabit, would I still be able to keep it a part of the hivemind?


Can you please explain the entire way of how you are doing it?

Explain what? How did I entered some ID info in a system in my country?

No how you give a task to your legion

Can someone give me a few Legions? Thanks

He’s not been on and while anyone who can make servitors (or thoughtforms) can do it, you should look into making your own.

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I heard it is wise to only make servitors when you have psychic senses. Because then you can see where the energy is going and not become something different which is dangerous

The same would go for getting them from someone else as well.

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How? If somebody made the servitor then the energy is already formed, right?

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Yes but you cannot communicate with it

How so?

You can talk to it, but can’t hear it without senses.

Because getting them from someone else doesn’t mean you will be able to sense them if you cannot even sense your own.

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Oh ok, yeah of course thats very true

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Okidoki. But when i say the name of my servitot that i bought. I can feel a shift in energy

If that’s the case then why can’t you make your own? I’m confused.

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