How to Tell that You've Been Cursed

I decided to post about this topic because in my line of work as a psychic reader, and ritualist, my clients and others have asked many times if I feel that they are cursed. More often than not, the things they’ve expressed to me that have been happening to them can either be explained as a short run of bad luck, or for physical or even psychiatric reasons, situational issues, etc…So how do you know that you’ve been cursed? A curse cannot be proven, but there are signs and things that are typical that occur when an individual is the victim of someone’s malicious magick. Here is a list, and by no means is it complete, because every curse is different, they can be designed to affect their target in certain ways, added to and so on, but I hope this clarifies things and helps.
#1- The vibe around you changes, you will feel a sense of gloom, and your personality changes.
#2- Accidents, random, strange, repetitive accidents.
#3- You may feel that you’re always being watched, that many eyes are on you.
#4- Physical and or mental illness symptoms, illnesses that cannot be explained.
#5- Agitation and hostility in an ordinarily peaceful person.
#6- Being touched by things you cannot see, hearing threatening voices out loud, seeing shadow type beings.
#7- A profound sense of impending doom, anxiety, panic attacks, generalized fearfulness.
#8- Feeling that you are not in control of your environment, or yourself.
#9- Any existing bad habit that you have, or something that you have a weakness for, becomes an obsession, and you might engage in self-harm through these things. Such as using drugs, alcohol, or engaging in some other risky behavior that isn’t like you.
10- People tend to avoid you, because the change in you is obvious, and they sense the negative energies around you.
11- Neglect of things that are important, such as your health, your daily tasks, personal hygiene, cleaning your home, or- just the opposite.
12- Joblessness can result, not being employable.
13- The people in your home seem to turn against you, and you feel completely alone in this. Noone understands your predicament, and they increasingly withdraw from you.
14- Animals may react to you by becoming aggressive, a dog won’t come to you, your cats may hide when you’re around.
15- Though you seek help from medical and or psychiatric professionals, nothing helps.
16- Frequent sleep paralysis, and very disturbing nightmares.
17- Occasionally all this seems to wane and things go back to normal, and the curse can hit even harder and in different ways, with each wave that hits, it gets worse for you.
To sum it up, your life, everything in your life can be affected in a very bad, ongoing way, and it’s never just a run of bad luck, a curse can last for years.
I’m not posting this because I believe a curse is never appropriate, because there are times when they are called for, however, a person can be targeted wrongfully, and without having the magical means to defend themselves.
Curses are serious business, there are many types, and as I said all curses are different, but there is one common denominator: You’re whole life sucks, all the time, everything about you can be affected negatively.
So if you’re concerned that you’re the target of someone’s malevolent curse, after reading my list, if you have more than a few of those things going on, you may indeed be cursed. If you know little about defensive magick, or magick in general, please do not attempt to use it. This can make the curse even more dangerous to you and even those around you. Whatever has been sent to cause your misfortune will fight even harder, the attacks will increase and become worse, so always consult an experienced practitioner.
Anyways sorry I wrote another book lol, but I hope it serves as a guide to those who might need one. Dark Blessings, Divina


I might add this, some of these signs can also point to demonic or other entity possession. As well as mental illnesses. Some psychiatrists have noticed that some of their schizophrenic patients, have had past occult involvement


thank you forcthis wonderfull guide!
i remember 26 years ago she was a great mother
but in the last 7 years she just lost it…
she never practiced the occult,
but from the years 1996 1995
thing began to change for the worse…
Lost her job,pepole dont come or call us anymore
before that we had lots of friends,
but in 96/95 a spiritual adviser said she got cursed by 4 women…but…its like the last 7 years a never endi g badluck in all life parts…pepole seem to move on live their life and we stuck…like can’t move on…


Then you need to do a big reversing ritual, the sooner the better and send their curse back to them.


thank you so much!!!:pray:t4::purple_heart::metal:
i will look for that!!!:face_with_monocle::skull_and_crossbones::japanese_ogre:

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