How to summon lucifer

Hello everyone ,
I wanted to evoke lucifer .
Could you please help me ?
How I should evoke him?
What sort of offerings I should prepare ?
If I was successful how should I behave and speak ?

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Your answers have already been answered in the BALG FAQ. Please check that out.

Also, there are already way too many threads that contain the answers you seek. Make sure you use the forum search function.


Mate summon the motivation to use the search bar! Plenty of info :stuck_out_tongue:


Learn the demon before evocation.Know him like you know your best friend,then you wont ask these questions.This is Lucifer so there is many info everywhere.


True! The BALG FAQ actually has many useful link that contain much info on Lucifer.


Thanks for the helps😊

I would be surprised if the most widely worked with spirit on here didn’t have a how-to thread.



What draws you to Lucifer ?

The problem is I dont know why I am looking for evocation and even why I interested in this sort of things .
Why lucifer ? 'Cause he was the reason that I understood magic is real and we could communicate with them (gods ,demons, …)
Do you know one day with out any reason I just started searching about him and I reached the ways to summon him and I just asked my self why I am doing this and I again continued searching :woman_facepalming::joy::joy::joy::joy:
And again I dont know why him I just like him.
I just want to try to evoke him.


This is dangerous. Stop what you’re doing now. :joy::joy::joy:

Have a look into My Journal into Magick too. I describe some rituals there. Look at @C.Kendall posts too.

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Why it is dangerous ?
You are scaring me .:grimacing:

As Lucifer is all about enlightening, I believe a good ‘offering’ would be to learn and study as much (about him but not only him) as you can before you reach out to him. Enlighten.

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That’s dogma, he is very nice and has patience for beginners



Dogmatic teaching… Christianity. Just getting some humour here.

Totally Im scared of summoning 'cause the last time I tried to summon lucifer with mirror (though it wasnt successful )after a week when I was studying my lessons his sigil just occured in my mind and I couldnt focus on my lessons and I just said the hell with you go out from my mind and the next day I got up with a bad scar on my left arm and now after 6 month it is still on my left arm . It was painful and my arm was bloody .

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Because that’s disrepectful. But if you apologize for that and you tell him you want to learn from him nothings wrong. The energy is really positive. And get rid of that scared feeling. Feel positive about him by reading about him on this forum. It will get you into the right vibrational level. Being scared brings negativity.


I apologized that day

Do you know ,knowing him as a bad creature for years and then understanding he is really nice ,makes it a little bit hard