How to summon lucifer

He is not a creature, that was the dogma, false teachings I talked about. He is still an ArchAngel. Look at ‘My Journal into Magick’ you will see some pics of him. During some evocation he showed himself with blond hair and with dark hair same as the pics. He is a father to me. S o don’t be afraid.

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I used to feel like you. I was afraid just by the word “spirit”.
I began to work with lucifer and he is really kind, dont worry if he came to you it’s for a good reason. Dont be afraid. :slight_smile:


In my country they know him like what I said but he is not bad anyway.

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Write your fears on a piece of paper. Find a bridge over a river. Fold up that piece of paper and draw Lucifer’s sigil on it. Ask him to take this fear away, let it be water under the bridge. Let the river carry it away as you connect to the current of infernal energy.


So did you do it??

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Not yet ,I am reading some books about it and searching different ways for summoning and any time that I want to perform the ritual cause it is at night ,I feel scared .I am still fighting with my feelings .

So did you summon Lucifer @A.A

First of all you shouldnt be scared. Have respect towards lucifer

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I don’t know how to evoke him but what I do know is that he likes candles, blood and appreciation

u should apologize to him legitly