How To Summon Hades?

I saw another thread that had this same topic but it didn’t really help me at all. I’m looking for how to summon/talk to Hades. I found nothing online about it and I think this site is the best place to ask.

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Use his Hymn or any other focal point to reach him.


I use music to connect with him. I met him though his wife and trust me, if you work with either of them, the spouse isn’t far behind.


how do we summon Hades, Hell on earth?

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@BlackMagicDrew75 as @ReyCuervo said his orphic hymn is great way to call him. Which you can find in the link below.


you don’t really need to summon him to talk to him. He’s a Greek deity and those guys are used to being worshiped not evoked. That could get them mad at you. I suggest you get an altar (if you don’t already have on) and say a prayer to him, introduce yourself and leave an offering and make contact that way.

Use his orphic hymns.

The Greek God Hades, not the place Hades/Underworld.

No need…

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or yell “HEY HADES” while focusing on a picture of hades.

personally, this is the only hades I’m interested in