How to summon and contact demons/ spirits/ aliens/ and other outer wordly deities / entities

I mean, pretty simple really how I go about doing this? I have read a ritual for Lucifer( not even sure how reliable the source is, although that’s another story) although how about other demons/ spirits/ and other entities that are out of this world?

Like I said before demons, deities, spirits, whomever.

I’m all ears, I’m in a very desperate situation and could use all the help I could can get from pretty much anyone and everyone.

So if anyone could post the full rituals or private message with how about to do this, that would be greatly appreciated.

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Please make use of the search function in the upper right. We are not going to go through the hassle of posting full rituals because you haven’t taken the time to look for yourself.


Ok fine then, what is a good easy entity or spirit to come into contact with and how would I go about doing this?

All of them. None is easier than the rest.

Pick one you feel drawn to, and research them. Google is your friend.

As for the how. like I said, use the forum search function. Just type in “evocation guide” and click the third option that comes up.

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Apparently, green light (not really required, but it helps) is ideal both for dead and aliens, besides gnomes and Venusian entities.

Why you are so desperate about this?

Well where to even start: I have some pretty serious medical problems that have completely destroyed my life, I’m under something called remote neural monitoring and the guy who controls my life well let’s just say this guy certain is something else, a real pain in the fill in the blank, he’s trying to convert me to the scam religion known as Christanity and wants me to acquire a sex fetish that I find disgusting and repulsive and I still haven’t even told you all that much yet.

To be honest part of me, somewhat believes I made a pact or a deal with some sort of deity spirit or something of that nature about a decade ago during a near death/ coming back from the death experience and after that my life really took a turn for the worse and to be honest with you, not only do I want a better life, I want answers and I want to know and see the truth. I’m tired of constantly being lied to, screwed over, and having information held from me.

So me contacting an outer world entity may give me the answers and give me exactly what I want and feel I need. Like I said I’m not exactly sure what happened about a decade ago after a near death/ coming back from the experience . Basically in a nutshell I feel it would be greatly beneficial for me to know and see the truth and there is no doubt in my mind that this guy ( very secretive , very rigid, and just overall a real pain sometimes to deal with) and his group who control my life are keeping things hidden from me and I believe spiritual knowledge is certainly one of them.

So in a smaller nutshell, truth, fun experiences,answers, and a better life is your answer, after all a deal with a deity may have ruined my life? Not real sure, seems very and I very plausible though, honestly not a whole lot really surprises me anymore.

So did you get to read my post, I’m not quite sure on how exactly things work on this website yet?

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Yes, I read, but now I don’t have too much time. If you want, we can talk in private. If you want to learn to summon/contact beings, you have all the resources necessary. (on the internet)

Well could you possibly please specify one, and assist me with details on how to summon this being?

There’s a book called evoking eternity, search it. Or if you don’t like it, you can try other books or sites if you want

You have to know exactly what demon is right for your needs.

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I’d really like to talk to someone about all this and learn as much as possible, and have a mentor and a teacher as it seems like there is a lot to learn.

We can talk in private if you want and if you’re serious. If I can’t now (because of homework), then tomorrow for sure

I hear you, I have seen a ritual about contacting Lucifer and from what I have read , Lucifer sounds like someone good to be in contact with.

you ask Lucifer to have one of his demons to do it for you.

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Honestly, man, you are not going to get very far in magick if you can’t even be bothered to help yourself by using the forum’s search function.

You cannot expect to come here and have us just hand you everything without you making any effort.


I’m very serious and I would like to learn and experience as much as possible. Considering my medical issues just my overall situation, yeah like I said before I’m very serious.

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I’m afraid I don’t quite understand your post.

Hmmm that is the wrong one. A better one has Azazel in hebrew. Or the one of Eisheth Zenunim, Samael, Chioa as triangle of manifestation