How to shag anyone you want

Could you teach me? I’m from Brazil, I want to attract women.

This is something I think I need to hear.


What if dont know her mother’s name in the letter what to do?

Doesn’t apply to lasses? @Biffa_Bacon I’m female and 100% disagree. I’m straight and I HATE TEXTING! A man is not a text! Nobody is a text.

Now I’ll keep reading.

Please remove that.

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:joy::joy::joy: this is true man…when people will start to realize this we will have less Post of love on this forum …

People are hurting because they keep holding on the wrong person and afraid to leave them due to fear they will get hurt without realizing when you left a person who is not for you it will hurt only for a period of time…but when you get over it you will have much strength to build a stronger and better relationship

But continuing to hold on …the wrong person it makes you to be hurted continuously without stop…


About loved ones uniqueness being apparent, in my case it’s often only a matter of physical attraction because I didn’t really have relationships, still I don’t consider myself shallow because I’m all for knowing each other’s ideas, personality etc. But, getting to the point, while I’m waiting (and a bit “trying” too) at least I know that “around” there will always be women I like.

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Welcome @JohnPeters91. Please post an introduction in the NEW MAGICIAN AND INTRODUCTIONS area, and tell us about yourself and any experience you may have in magick. It is a rule of this forum.

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Although I never officially dated the guy I fell in love with, in the past few days, I’ve come to see I got the better end of the deal.

He and his ex-wife are still in battle with each other. I dodged a bullet and went straight to masterbation. :smiling_imp::woozy_face: And sex with a demon.

So glad I never has sex with the guy. I’ll read more on this later.

It feels great. The more “naughty” I am, the less tense I feel. Masterbation is a very good tool to get in touch with yourself and know how powerful one is. :relieved::smirk:

That can be a cool experience, but don’t forget there are literally billions of other people on the Earth as well if you eventually decide to integrate physical experiences into your world. It’s not easy to get past someone you’ve cared for. It can seem like you’ll never find the feeling again, but that’s never true. There are heaps of people out there. Keep on keeping on.


Yah! I know!

However, when your heart has been broken five different times within a 10 year span, you start not giving a fuck about a real live man. I’ve spent the past year and a half staying away from others. I gained weight. And I stopped living. And that is a hard rut to get out of.

And yes, I do miss human connection. However, sometimes it’s easier to be silent than loud.


What if you don’t know their mother’s name?

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I did the obsession jar, I loved the way the ritual cake out how ever I hadn’t forgot to add an ingredient in it as soon as I finished and I opened it back up, which I head you shouldn’t do but I was wondering if this makes a difference?? Should I start over ?

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Nope. With rituals, err on the positive side of things.


That’s great know for the future. I had a strong feeling it didn’t matter, I really should stop questioning myself.

There’s also a witch on YouTube who swears up and down that spells won’t work if there performed on just any day, rather than days when the moon is full or if the moon has some sort of significance on a certain days such as a Sunday or Monday or Friday. Which I also think is not all the way true.

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Yeah, they’re just correspondences and have no power outside of our consciousness of them. Consciousness is the only power/reality.


Someone, please answer this