How to see spirits?

Hii Magi,

I dont see any spirits during the evocation. I was wondering how do you guys do it?
How do you see the spirits with physical eyes or third eye?
Do you close your physical eyes to see the spirits?

How can I develop the ability to see spirits? I want to be able to see them as clearly as i could see any human.

Thanks in advance.


Of course you don’t see spirits during evocation when your astral senses aren’t open. (Mine aren’t open that much either)There must be a ton of youtube videos and google searches you can do to find what you’re looking for


I could do that. I dont know which one of them is legit n will work.
I need to get the info from someone who used some method and achieved it.

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You could try some of them and maybe look up signs that your astral senses are opening. Try guided meditation videos, that’s something I’m doing now

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How about using the search function on the forum? There are tons of threads about opening the senses to see and hear spirits.


Closing my physical eyes help. Usually I see the spirits most clearly in dreams. Dreamstate is the most receptive state of the mind. Although in the non-dream world, the first step would be to feel them and thier presence.

Some people also use black mirrors. I have yet to try this and verify how effective it it. A large black bowl can also be used.


You may wanna check this out.

There are alot of posts linked that can help when ya are developing or if ya hit a road block. :alien:


Stop trying. When youre trying youre thinking. The mind must be completely still.

Wanting to see spirits is your ego secretly seeking proof for what youre doing is real since it cant comprehend anything past the 5 senses. This is also underlying doubt, and if the subconscious doubts what cannot be seen isnt real you wont be able to ever see anything.

Concentrate on retrieving information. That is the real treasure and the rest will come with time automatically


I’m struggling with this now! I’m on the literal brink of atheism. Please help me :pleading_face:.