How to remove protection work on a family that prays a lot?

There’s a toxic family that has caused drama between friends and family. They’re nice to people at face value. Unfortunately, I found out through friends that they’ve been spreading false rumors and gossip for years, and I see the damage that has been done. They’re Catholic, go to church, and often say prayers of protection. They also have statues of saints and Mary around the house. What would be a discreet spell to remove their protection?

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Ask the entities that protect them to instead bring to light their evils and reveal their toxicity. That way you don’t have to expend so much time and energy fighting already powerful beings, while appealing to and utilizing their holy aspects.


Just because they pray and have idols, doesn’t mean they are very protected. On the other hand, they certainly could be but not just because of these things.

Removing protection can be done a number of ways. You could just bulldoze it down by sheer force of will/spirits, you could call spirits to do it, you could do petitions, you could use jar magick, you could use other types of curses as well. For me to answer more specifically, what kind of magick are you interested in?

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I can relate to this so what I recommend you do is speak to Mary and their other spirits and see if you can negotiate. In my case the Hindu Gods didn’t like the people any way and told me they’d help if need be. One did make me prove my worth however and I very narrowly did that.

When negotiating be respectful. Treat it like a war treaty. The deity might either agree to step to the side, join in, just slap them on the wrist, ignore you, let you go easily or even attack you so it helps to have your guides there too.

If you need a spell call on storm or fire or war Gods to add you. I work with a storm God every time and he’s never failed me. Also more intense Deities can seal away their ancestors and/or protective spirits.


Prayer is very weak. If you’ve any body of experience then you should be able to destroy their protection on your own.


Thank you for the advice… May I ask, is there any ritual or method that you used to communicate with the Hindu Gods?

Thanks for the reply. I’m down to the following magic you’ve suggested: jar magick or cursing. If you have any suggested spells in mind, I’m down to do it

Negotiating with the entities is a good idea. Thanks for your advice.

I’m assuming that you want to remove their protection for a reason, likely to curse them?

If that’s the case then you need to first decide what the ultimate goal of your curse is. From there, you can make a jar that fits those wants or you can just write up or search a curse you like and use it. You can always ask spirits to participate.


@MottledZeitgeist actually did have a nice idea with that post above. I might actually try that.

Here’s how I deal with enemy spiritual protections. I smash it, straight up.

Here are a few spirits I typically employ to destroy enemy defenses.

Vine ( very effective)

This is just a few.

I highly recommend before you make your main magickal assault on a target.

First lead in with shax to blind and deafen the target to what’s happening.

Then Gaap to leave the target ignorant and senseless until it’s too late.

This is a very effective opener in my experience.


My favs are Forcalor and GL for this. I like your list though!

To @LavenderLatency don’t put so much weight on their protection unless you’re actually worried they’re much stronger than you are. I’m with @Mike_Bee , I just fucking smash it. Never had anything “blowback”.


Thanks for the reply. Working with spirits is pretty new to me. May I ask, how do you summon them in the first place… Do you just say their name and command them? Like “Hey Malphas, please destroy my enemies defenses” or “Hey Bael, stop their prayers from working”, haha. Or would you have to perform a ritual to call them first?

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I wrote a tutorial on the subject of simplified evocation. I hope this helps you.

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Great! Thank you for sharing with me. I’ll read it!

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Thanks so much for your information meow!

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Did you use the dom system?

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