How to remove magic done on me

Hi all,
I had a dream that someone did magic on me and not in a good way. I dreamt that there were like strange crystallized things on the left, lower back side of my head under my hair. I could pull it off and out the crystals were like huge and gray.
What can I do to remove any magic done on me?
Plz keep in mind I can’t communicate with spirits to help me.

I’d divine first. Make sure it is a result of malicious magick thrown your way. If it is, Forcalor would be a great spirit to call.

Secondly, have a look at Opfaal in the KoF grimoire.

But before you call any spirit for help, solidify the outcome you want in your mind first.

If you feel you can’t perform petitioning rituals with these spirits, then I highly suggest consulting either E.A. or J.S. Garrett. J.S. is cheaper ime.

Thanks but I don’t know how to do this nor can I afford to pay someone to do it. I’m in a crap situation.

You already did it in your dream. If you can site quietly and imagine, you can do the work to repeat that awake.
Visualise taking the crystals, smashing them and burying them.


Thank you.