How to remove black magic

Some did a black magic on me
Everything get destroyed all of the sudden
With no cause
My financial work broke
My relationship got broke
Relationship with my family not a partner
And my health is now is at worst
I try the salt cleansing but this is for the house cleansing…
It will be a great help of u all

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try praying to Jesus, it may help


Get there book Magickal protection. Do the Sword Banishing and Master Protection Ritual for 33 days.


If you scroll down on this guide you see how to remove black magic.
You can also post a help request here, I’m sure someone will help with this.


I have some personal issues with him
Well thnx for the advice

Best to get a professional to do it , are you sure it’s black magick and not just series of unfortunate events?


A very effective method is to bless your ennemies using St Michael/Mikael and/or psalm 90. Some latin mantra can be helpful let me know if you want them. You dont have to be Christian or have faith here you use the church egregoric field as magic tool.
If you dont want use this method I give here 3 Parvidya or vedic mantras to remove black magick who have sonic inbuild baneful power . The process is simple use any Mala of 108 beads and chant one mala for each mantra everyday until you experience relief. You can do several malas if you have time and see that every black magick attack be removed from your life.
First mantra
Dhunasi chanchuli lavama kuli par vidya fatt swaha hoom phat swaha
Second mantra
Om sfrah hoom phat
Third mantra
Om Namo patteya buddhanam


Surtur is not only good for breaking curses but also protecting one from it.


Yes I’m sure it is

I would like to get those latin mantra

You can use " agnus dei qui tollis pecatta mundi miserere mei" this is the divine lamb mantra who can be used on yourself and your ennemies. Through this way you receive the power to neutralize magical attack. Ideally 7 malas per day but if you do only one it will be good.

Chant the mantra " sic luceat lux in tenebris" to use the power of light to illuminate your ennemies and they will be blind and unable to do effective magick.
This one Can be replaced by gayatri. The main Idea is to use tipheret energy as a “blessings” weapon.

For those who dont want use christian magick you can consider jesus not as the son of christian yhvh god but as the son of the Serpent ( ophidian gnosis) or the son of Seth ( the black donkey Christ)


Okey thnk u

Is he a demon or angel


What should I do to take his help?

It won’t hurt to ask just be very respectful and maybe give an offering like something with cinnamon or spicy candy. He loves spicy food especially meat curry


Thnk u

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Not only does he protect the magician but their enemies get fucked up in the process beyond repair sometimes :slightly_smiling_face:


Archangel Michael Rosaries get the job done…

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Who is Surtur, I have not come across this entity