How to Reach Dantalion

Hey everyone, how can I reach Dantalion? I’ve tried many times before but it never worked :frowning:


Hi @DragonsBlood, I split your post and created a new topic, as the majority of the members in the old post were no longer members of the forum.

To help the members provide answers or solutions, what were some of the things you’ve tried in order to connect with Dantalion?

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Hey! Okay, thank you :heart:

I drew his sigil with permanent black pen and tried to open the sigil by calling his name repeatedly. I then just spoke from the heart with a lot of emotion, tears too. And I thanked him but unfortunately I didn’t feel any response :pensive:


Were you just calling him to talk to him, like get a feel of his energy, or did you call him, ask for him to help you with something and it didn’t manifest?

Also, sometimes when we call on spirits, it may feel like they aren’t there or listening, but they really are there. We just have to develop our senses in order to feel or hear them.

When opening the sigil, have you tried using the method in the below link?

You can also petition him using a petition spell. It’s easy and effective:

I hope I was of some help.

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