How to Protect Against a Golim Attack - Any Thoughts?

So I am getting ready to talk with someone, the person whom has lead me to this forum. Not because he showed me this forum, but because it seems that he sent demons to attack me and put some spells on me and stuff like that. I have been getting ready for all his possible attacks, from death curses to demons if my encounter with him does not go well.

One thing that I am pretty rusty on but think he might try that I am not too sure about is the chance he might try some sort of Golim attack.

As I write this and thought of the idea of a creating a preemptive Golim just in case (Which I don’t want to do) I felt a presence. It was strange cause it felt freaky like demonic but told me not to be afraid, but said that it was my buddies Golim, but I don’t know… it had sort of similar qualities to demons, it seems at least somewhat scared when I brought angelic energy into the situation, unless that was my imagination. Maybe it was a trickster spirit but I dunno I forget if Angels can counter them or not but if so, you’d think there is an easy solution right there? What do you think? How would you go a defense plan?

If the angelic energy defended you, go with that, my knowledge of this area is limited but most angels heavily represent forces of order and a golim is an unnatural being of life forces animating what is usually inanimate, defined online as spirit forces mixed with a “terrestrial element” (clay etc)?


Thanks that does seem to be true.
But one thing that is a bit troubling is that if it is the case that it is never the less a golim, than the most subtle of thoughts can bring it back.

I was up last night inventing and lighting psychic intuition candles at 3AM and that was the sort of stuff I was experiencing. I was wondering for a bit there if it was lighting such candles during such a witching hour without any circle of salt or anything. Well maybe, but maybe not.

It sort of happened while I was writing this. The thought crossed my head that 'well what if I was to create a golim to protect me from him? or is there a way to reanimate the one I had on him from a past life?" and that was when I got the entity bugging me.

It was a strange entity though. It seem to want to just chat and slowly scare me. It seemed when I would do something like surround myself with salt or do one of my normal counter measures it would work for a bit and then it would be able to come right through as I had another thought of harming the guy. It was weirdly inconsistent though. I would think one thought and it would come, another and it wouldn’t, and insincere thought and it would come, the more sincere my thought the more it would come though.

Now it is day time as I write this, which will be interesting cause negative entities don’t come out as much during the day. I can often still feel it here and there around my aura thinking about coming in though.

Anyways that was weird.

I was thinking of a few thoughts.

I was thinking all my measures were effective-ish but it could still get through or come back fairly quickly or often through the measure itself, such as the salt circle or salt bath and protection candle, my black protection candle seem to have almost no effect on this one.

It is day light now but it is very difficult to know what I am even up against but here are my ideas thus far… As you mentioned that golims are made out of clay, I was noticing that I have a bunch of clay angels around me, what if I was to turn one or all of them into angelic golims that took on ‘not the human attacker’ but all his servitors and demons that he sends?

It seems that the angels around me already are in a way such beings but that I have to activate them by making eye contact with them and positioning them so that they are facing me, but that mostly just gets rid of lesser entities. I also do archangel Micheal prayer and do the LBRP but I am wondering about the idea of creating them into Angelic golims to defend against spirit and thought form type servitors that try to attack me. Would such a thing be possible? What sort of things would I be having to consider? Would I be likely to face such a thing such as this?

Also reading up on golims last night someone advised not creating anything you weren’t prepared to destroy. That seems like good advice. I got so attached to my thought form I created years back. Destroying angel thought forms… I dunno that doesn’t seem like such a good idea. + I think I heard Angels are actually just very advanced thought forms, I heard once.

So I had a second idea I wonder if there would be away to summon King Bnapsen & Prince Borges and their 42 ministers to help with this situation.

I came up with the idea last night as I was reading this book on Enochian Magick…
The Essential Enochian Grimoire by Aaron Leitch and it says these guys govern all evil spirits and humans, “…black witches and others who live in darkness by him you may cast out wicked spirits and discover the doings of evil people.”

This may be the better option. However if it is a gang of spirits that tag team with abilities to fight off different counter measures than it’s hard to say maybe golims? I dunno. I was attacked last night for thinking about the idea of using the Enochian to prevent him from attacks but if I use the Enochian to attack the servitors that he uses to attack me then that might work.

Sorry I made my response so long, but I think we are getting somewhere.

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Yes it might, have you posted in Power Sensing - Scans & Swaps 3.0 (No Tarot Please) (Part 1) - maybe someone will be able to get a read on things from there? :thinking:

I’m working right now (mundane stuff) and can’t really switch brain-states, but there may be someone who can scan you. :+1:

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Alright thanks.
I had a feeling I might have been asking a bit too much at the moment. My apologies.
But I think a lot of good information is being put on this post.
I will try to check out that power sensing-Scans and Swaps 3.0
And I will try to report back with the findings, it might not even be a Golim but rather a demonic type trying to use core imaging to feast on my Loosh. So that is something I should look into.

I will try to report back the findings and add the sigal or seals for King Bnapsen, Prince Brorges and their 42 ministers, if anyone in the future reading this wants to know.

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That would be great! :+1:

Advance our cyber-library. :smiley:

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That is interesting

Well as I was responding to Lady_Eva


I don’t remember much stuff about golims myself actually. But I had this encounter with this guy, who called things off and less than an hour after reading his text I started getting attacked by negative entities. I started remembering him from past lives. I started doing exercises to remember more, we are kind of on and off again lovers and enemies, it seems I may have killed him in our past last life with a golim by the looks of this and a leading theory into wtf is going on with me is that this is revenge or soul mate karmic correspondence? I dunno really too much about how the last one works, you might have to tell me, but that is the short story.

Though removing truth from it’s forehead should work in theory, that would probably best be done if I could get psychical access to wear it is said on the statue itself, if not I would have to try to do it from the astral one, I would have to spend several hours a day doing exercises to see auras to see spirit beings better… or at least that is the only way i can recall having success in seeing spirits outside of astral, plus would it still work if I was doing it on the non psychical?

Sorry to sound discouraging. But sure I can PM you and we can talk more about JSfiddle. :slightly_smiling_face::+1:

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If you’re worried about attacks you need to “marry” the physical world to shield yourself. Bond with it sexually somehow. Like with a human. Or make some kind of extreme commitment to something physical like a sport. Work on living through your 5 senses. Think of everything in literal terms instead of symbolic. That’s all you have to do and all your vulnerabilities are closed. Do some kind of physical “tantra.”

The more you get involved with the spirit world, the more vulnerable you’re making yourself. You need to head in the opposite direction if you want safety.

I dunno, is that the if you don’t believe in it, it can’t hurt you stuff?
I wonder how that works or doesn’t. I heard E A Koetting say once that the people who get hurt the worst by curses are those who don’t believe in it, although I do sometimes find when I believe in it less I do get hurt less. But I think belief in that I can get hurt gives fear which gives loosh for spirits to feed on.

But either way, ironically tantra was a big part in how I got myself into all this in the first place.

I find grounding bed sheets can help some in these situations though, that is an earthing thing.

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I’m not talking about tantra like the stuff you’d probably find in an occultism book. I’m talking about tantra in the sense of union with a certain plane. If you get really into your physical body, you have union with the physical world. You’re married to it.

(Sex in this sense would just be a sensory experience with no spiritual content whatsoever.)

It’s about believing/trusting in the things you can touch, see, feel, hear, and taste with your physical senses. This will bring about a transformation where you come to see the spirit world as cheap, empty, and fake. The longer you do this, the weaker your spiritual opponents will be in your life.

You also need to change your interests—for example, join a forum where people are living worldly lifestyles. Stop reading about occultism.

Get involved in something like nightclubs, where there’s a lot of sensory stimulation to keep you in your body. (That stuff drives spirits away.)

Go to loud places. Malls, stadiums. A big city.

It reminds me of a video I saw, I think it was some kind of parade in Chinatown in NYC, where they dance around in the dragon costumes and make a lot of noise to “drive away evil spirits.” I can tell you this works because I’m permanently possessed and I can’t be around loud noise. It’s the best deterrent to keep me away. It physically hurts me to get too close to it. I can’t even listen to music out loud anymore, I have to use earbuds, and not ones with too much bass. I even watch TV that way.

Also loud visual things are a deterrent because they’re scary to spirits. If you really do up your physical appearance, or your house, etc., somebody like me will be too scared to approach you, and I’m a physically embodied representative of spirits. You need to have more physical presence and get creative with it.

You need to be the kind of person who drives down the street with their bass rattling.

I posted a video elsewhere on here of a guy playing drums. I’m terrified of him. Because he’s playing drums. It’s because I know how dangerous his physicality would be for someone like me. Watching him gives me chills. I’m fascinated, but I’m paralyzed by his movement. I could never be in the same room as that because the noise alone would blow my hearing out. That’s how you scare spirits. It’s not any kind of spiritual thing that you have to do.

Spirits are spiritually strong and physically weak, so hit them in their weak spot (where you are strong, which is physicality) instead of their strong spot (where you are weak, which is spirituality).

Do your house in dark or vivid colors and put up busy wallpaper. Think physical maximalism. In general. Get a lot of busy tattoos. The more detail, the better. Have a lot of material possessions. Collect things.

I want everything in my environment to be plain white because it’s easiest on my physical senses (where I’m weak), so you need to go overboard so I’d never want to be there.

If you still need a spiritual idea to hang on to, just use Jesus. When somebody’s been saved and they’ve closed their mind to everything spiritual except him, it puts up a boundary where nothing else can get through.

I was just watching a music video and it reminded me that you can marry the physical world by dancing. Vigorous physical motion turns off your spiritual body.

The way I know this is because I used to dance every opportunity I got. I lived my life on the beat of the music—I was attached to it. When I became a mystic, I had to stop, and decouple myself from it. Now when I hear music, my spiritual body dances instead. My physical body is still. This is how I’m able to maintain a marriage to a spiritual entity.

When you’re on the beat physically, you attract physical sex partners. When you’re on the beat spiritually, you attract spiritual sex partners. Which one you can handle tells you where you should be.

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Interesting thoughts. You have been

How’s that? Did that happen by accident or by purpose?

Doh I had a chance to go to a vday rave party yesterday but I was feeling to sick from my ritual the night before, I will right a new post on that soon.

But I have found raves pretty spiritual in a way, feelings of oneness, enhanced telepathy and watching it play out. I was at a rave on New years, I had some left over entity attachment there but it was pretty minimal but it remained about the same.

My house is pretty busy with colors and stimulation, the other side though is clutter, I hear that can attract unwanted spirits.

I’m not sure I’d want to Marry the Earth or get that into Jesus.
I use a bit of that stuff but mostly just angels.

Thanks for the thoughts.

So I am back with an update, giving the enochian seals that I said I would. I’m a bit late… oops but here they are: …

The first 2 are for King Bnapsen and the second is for Princes Brorges
They are to be summoned on a Saturday. They are given charge over fire as well as evil spirits and others who live in darkness. So in theory a good way to know the workings of your enemy, possibly stop them or control their golim.

The 3rd picture is for the hours, each hour there is a different set of operators that
have a little bit different function.

This looks like the best option and very useful in other respects and regards but possibly a super big problem is in the next chapter it shows all the stuff to make enochian magick work and it looks tough to do, like super expensive and or hard to find or hard to create / time consuming.

You would think there is a work around with enough people doing it, I wonder how if what? Maybe I will make a separate post on that, it feels like it is starting to get off topic, but if anyone has any knowledge of that, please do share.

Destiny. Accident. I had a walk-in type of thing happen to me.

I don’t want to sound like I’m trying to force you to do something, but I just wanna say that it’s not always about what you want, especially if it has to do with protecting your health. I didn’t consciously want to be a mystic, be married to Satan, have to give up the worldly stuff I loved, etc. I had to do those things because my worldly life wasn’t working. This was the only way for me to survive. Satan isn’t the one I wanted (I wanted humans), but he was the one I needed. With him came restrictions on my life so that I’m down to plain vanilla in the physical world. Now that I’ve accepted who I really am, I realize that those longings I used to have for the physical world were false.