Can anyone recommend a spell to quiet an annoying neighbor?

I know, having a rational conversation as an adult with some people is impossible… So at those times you have to resort to other means. I bought a boom box with NWA “fuck tha” police” cd. Let’s see how he likes that when I put that shit on full blast.


that could get you a warning if you do it in retaliation by the way. It’s actually breaking the law if you doing it on purpose to piss others off affecting their health/living rights. It falls under that nuisance law and can be fine or put to jail. depending on state law.

And if you complain and it’s not legit. It falls under the harassment law. That’s why i made sure i know the law before complaining.

What??? Oh crap… No, I’m not gonna do anything stupid or irrational… But I have a right to play my music loud within the noise code…if it happens to be N.W.A. and he doesn’t like it well that’s just too bad.

yes you have a right to play music just not to the extreme like my crazy neighbor where it shakes and you can hear it outside his front door for hours. The main thing is frequency, loudness , how long ,and time of day for it to fall under unreasonable noise.

If you follow the noise code then it’s not loud. =o)

No of course not :slight_smile: I’m not even like that even though I am a metal fan… I don’t inflict my music on other people! And, sadly, I am usually in bed by 10 PM!

Hey there. Not sure if you have solved your noisy neighbor problem or not but I just wanted to share this.

I have removed annoying neighbors in the past quite easily. The first time it took about 3 months total. One owner moved and the other one kicked out the trouble maker. (That was a couple of years ago)

Now I have since moved and I have yet again easily removed the new noisyness. So there were two issues: the teens who (illegally) ride their dirt/motor bikes along the road behind my home, and THEN there were the people who live below. Day after day they kept playing loud music and banging on the wall (or stomping loudly) every 15 minutes. They probably were dancing but I can only speculate.

Now at first, me simply stomping on the floor would quiet them down but then that started to embolden them. After about a week strait of this consistent 8 hour bang job I was done.

Now I didn’t want to still be posting about this in 2021 so I did the WORKS! First, I did some visualization work and engulfed their unit in kiln like flames that could melt metal, but only while the music and banging persist. Then I contacted the Angels of Wrath and destroyed their defenses and then destroyed them with wrath, but only while the music and banging persist. Then I went downstairs to their unit with my commanding oil and hotfoot curse powder. I drew the sigil of Santa Meurte on their door with the oil and then I dusted some of the poweder onto it. I also traced their door handle with the oil and again dusted it with the powder. And lastly I sprinkled a bit of powder across their doorway. I, yet again, communitcated that anything done to them would only persist as long as the music and banging persisted.

They turned down that music before I had even finished powdering their doorstep. I heard them whispering OMG what’s that!? (Mind you they don’t have a peep hole and I was so quiet and “lite” and their music was so loud that there is no way they heard me). But I did freeze for a second thinking they might open the door but they didn’t and I so continued. The whole time I could feel the heavy ass energy I was sending their way.

I then went back upstairs and I have heard NOT A SINGLE PEEP outta those people since. This was 3 weeks a ago. Now, as for the motor biking teens, I just called the cops for a week strait until they finally caught up with the little bastards. Their parents have been notified and they haven’t been back, hahaha. So all in all 100% success rate in less then one week. :grin:


@Single_Seed_In_Hell can you use a oil version being hot foot oil? that would leave less of a trace as liquid will sink into the carpet hallway floor. It’s also less noticeable if one anoint the door or doorknob.

my neighbor is actually quiet now from my spells using angel of wrath book and the master curse. of course also help with many complaint to manager. Just in case, i think getting rid of him is best. i don’t know when he’ll get back to his old ways again. Just recently he play for 7-8 hrs straight loud music during holidays daytime. happen like for 2 days until i start my spell again. then he stop. I rather he be gone as i don’t have to deal with him restarting his noisy addiction noise. i rather take the chance of a new tenant being noisy then dealing with this one regularly. As he deserve to be on the streets due to his uncompromising attitude behavior of thinking he’s king.


Yep girl, I am always respectful! Thank you so much for your endless love and support!

Oh wow thank you for this this is very helpful information… Yes there has been an uptick with them recently and the father confronted me basically calling me out saying I was single and old (which I consider a form of a threat! There by letting me know that I have no one to defend me. So I threaten to call the cops and ACS on him but this is a recurring problem, No clearly something magically is needed… I do not know Santa Muerte? What is needed to work with her respectfully and thoughtfully?,

Ha ha, that’s amazing! Yes I know the angels of wrath book but have not worked yet with Santa Muerte. He’s been quiet this far since he sees that he cannot intimidate me but I may have to resort to more desperate means if he starts to act up again. Him and his children are out of control.

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I would imagine that oil would be better than powder which can easily be blown away… I might look into that as well.

Maybe you can creep them out by putting Satanic symbols everywhere? Play Satanic music? Hang creepy dolls from trees? Dress like a Goth? Honestly I don’t know. But it might be funny.

Funny that you mention that…I was going to put something in my window next to our shared walkway.


What metal tops your charts?

Btw, looking for new or old or different?

Try the neverending

I’ve found so much good shit there. I usually buy through

Akhtya has some pretty weird music

Might be hilarious if you got started on Halloween early.

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I’ll check them out!

Hoping your username and situation aren’t related to the fact 313 is a Detroit area code XD

No it’s actually from Wednesday 1313 a.k.a. Joey Jordison former drummer of slipknot

Slipknot, Korn, Asking Alexandria, Alice in Chains…Also Manson and In This Moment