How to properly open and use seals?

So far I can clear my mind, and enter the theta gamma sync to a certain degree, darkening my surroundings slightly, and make the sigil behave strangely in my vision.

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My surroundings actually get brigther but with less focus.

If the sigil is behaving stangely, like, lines appearing and dissapearing at random, and, sometimes the sigil will freaking look like it’s floating in the air/ 3D (The floating only happened once for me, for about 2 seconds).

That is the part you are charging the sigil with intent, and ask outloud what you want the spirit to do, thank him/her, and send him/her off.

That is what I usually do anyway, and I got two awesome results, one of them was actually curing my ex’s (now friend) anorexia.

After a while of gazing, my surroundings also get darker, but my surroundings go very dark for some reason-As if something is in the room with me( I always work with demons, as angels don’t like me for my religious stance), but at that point i feel no physical energy/presence despite the dark atmosphere. I think you are doing it right. What i usually do is gaze lightly and the lines start vanishing and reappearing. I don’t get any effect such as having the lines beam out of the paper at this stage, but instead my lines start vibrating viciously. They keep vanishing and reappearing over and over until it gets to a stage that the whole image of the sigil( all the lines of the sigil) vanish at once and reappear. When this happens, the sigil is seen on a different location of my paper and is a bit in the air. This effect only lasts about 2 or 3 seconds before the sigil returns to its normal position which it was drawn. I don’t know if it just me, but my sigils start flashing very quickly, even under a minute, so even though the sigil is flashing, i will still continue directing my desire into the sigil for several minutes. I think the effects are different for everyone. I have a big problem in the sense that i have a hard time sensing the presence of the spirit by just gazing at the sigil, so while i am gazing i like to also chant its name every couple of seconds. I then feel a physical presence. these are just some tips, but do what works for you.

I have a big problem in the sense that i have a hard time sensing the presence of the spirit by just gazing at the sigil

and you should be thankful about that…it’s not so pleasant.

Seams pleasant for me demonic angelic never get a bad vibe sometimes when I did sigil magic I would see glimpses of the entity in 3 d. The only one that was a hard ass mother fucker 1 out of 2 times was Asmoday and it was the second time.

the problem is the energetic impact…the vibrational shift can fuck you up…
i experienced this with sigil magic…
you know even an angel can wipe you out easily…

Lmfao, this is why I love this damn forum. Ive been trying to fucking figure our for years what that was and what it was used for. Smh. This is a skill I never aquired but just was natural. I can do this shit looking in the mirror til everything around me is dark, staring at a wall and even do it when its light out. Thank you man, cause I honestly thought the shit was just remote viewing or something.:joy: