How to proceed?

Do you have any advice how to proceed when it looks like a serial sexual perpetrator is protected by some kind of entity?

There is some bloke in my area who is a serial rapist, he has been reported to the police several times, but always gets of the hook and he continues with his crimes.

I wrote out a curse to make the man impotent, but it did not work. There is something there in him that feeds from the pain he inflicts on vulnerable women and protects him.

This entity has sent me warnings in my dreams. I responded by ripping of its heads and eat it in a dream the next night. It has not contacted me after that, but the crimes continues to happen.

Any ideas how to stop this entity from feeding?

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Since you were able to be contacted by the spirit itself is recommend exerting your will over it dispose of his protection first, maybe keep making servitors that attack it until it either is defeated or leaves the dude and he’s volnerable.

To be able to Target the spirit again if you try to regurgitate the head I think you’ll be able to summon it’s energy up.

Maybe while having the head to experiment on you can create the survitor to have the type of energy that it’s very presence hurts the spirit, sounds weird but I think you’d be able to just do it as long as you have that piece of him and just focus on the exact creating the exact energy type that it’s energy would kill the spirit upon consumption of it’s energy. Hope my ideas are helpful.

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I have perhaps not made it clear that it is the entity itself I want to exterminate since I do not want it to find another victim to feed on.

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vaynord yes, good ideas.

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Thanx makes me feel better about commenting getting the good idea feed back I’m still newb but I like to believe I have good ideas.

I think useing the word deathly allegeric would make it easier for your mind to percieve what energy is needed to murder it.

It’s also possible this parasite is what’s causing him to be a serial rapist.

Kill it. The Parasites 101 thread has some ideas. I like fire. Samael can help teach you what you need to know.

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Thank you. I will check out the parasite 101 thread.

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I don’t think I’ll ever use fire and be able to actually hurt somthing unless it ends up freezing them lol I’m that weird one in the group when I form spiritual fire it feels cold. I did think of a nice trick involving fire I was useing a mini :tornado: of fire to charge a sigil related to the infernal lords, if I pictured my other hand as ice then capped the cyclone the hand capping it gets pretty cold instantly.

Are you sure it’s a parasite I thought most would be to dumb to travel to an attacker of there host and try to fight them. But I have limited knowledge, or are you calling it a parasite just cause it’s feeding off his evil?

A parasite is quite a general word, but it’s feeding of the energy of the rapist. One thing parasites do a lot, is aggravate the victims to cause them to generate lots of emotional energy - that’s what they feed off - anger is a vibrant, hot, yang energy and very nourishing to them, like the sun is to plants.

You can’t “feed off evil” - evil is a value judgement not an energy.

This person may already have these impulses, which could have attracted the entity in the first place, then it winds him up to act on it. It’s feeding on the emotions of the perp and victim.

Think of the sun, you can yeet entities into it to burn them up as well. push it a bit further and in the center of the Sun is a portal to the black hole in the center of the galaxy. (And if you don’t believe in black holes, read “into the wormhole in the center of the galaxy”. The effect either way, if you can push t all the way through, is to remove that entities pattern from this universe.

I find visualising them bursting into flames, charring and blackening and shrinking into a pile of ash that scatter to the winds, is easier. Sometimes both and more are necessary, as you could find you’re only working with one level of existence of the creature and you have to do it again on other levels.

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I liked the part they can’t feed off evil, and I’d love to hear the different levels of existence you perception of so I can learn how to be able to kill them.

Also I believe in black holes never Hurd there was one in the middle of the sun from what I’ve Hurd about them it would have swallowed our sun allready but it just legit about being able to use it to be free of spirits.

To clarify, “in the center of the Sun is a portal to the black hole in the center of the galaxy”
A magickal portal. I think it was Cameron Day that said that, I tried it and it works for me.

Levels of existence-wise, loads and loads. Depends on the entity.
It’s not so much a case of checking a list, it’s more like hunting it down where it’s at, following the signature with intention.

It could have a physical body, though for astral parasites that’s more rare (think: diseases, enchanted vessels and talismans, haunted antiques, stolen property etc), it will usually have at least one astral body, it can have a qi body and a mental body, which are both within the astral sort of, it could have a collective astral body and be visible to others, it could exist only in your mental area of the astral, it will probably have an emotional level, maybe a few - some of these bodies can go back in time to when they were generated, and being more out of time than us can retreat there.
I don’t chase them higher than that.

They can also hide and heal, and often try to hide if possible, embedding like a tick deep into bits of the psyche that you might not want to have to look at. They can run, jumping to someone else the victim knows, probably the closest to them energetically, so you think they’re gone and the problems start with the other, or they go back when you’re not looking.

On another level really big ones can infest organisations of people, being with many at once and becoming part of the Deva of the organisation. In this case you’re looking at multiple people not one.


Damn dude great job on the explanation,
So I think the most concerning part was the time travel but I think if it has to do that it would probably avoid you after that.

So when it’s a disease would it be cured from them when the parasite dies?

Also what kind of organisation are we talking about that would be attacked like a religious one or just any that useing spirits? Sorta in wow about them being able to have multiple host at same time. I’m sure you’d just blow my mind if you explained the part that you don’t chase them after.

Thanx for the response.

Also if you had one on you and you went to the portal would it pull it off and you be able to be safe?

I posted a D.U.M.E Candle ritual, might want to read it

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