How to neutralize/deactivate old sour jar spell?

Imagine a sorcerer or witch having a sour or break up jar containing some liquids and saltz, and papers with written names, kept into any cabinet lot of time ago and now he/she wants to deactivate and neutralize the effects, and send good energies to the names/persons, but throwing the entire closed jar away is not an option but changing it instead into a good source of energy, or at least keep it neutralized. What could be the best neutralizing options?

What about opening it and throwing the liquid contents down to the toilette, fill the jar with new clean water and put the paper names inside the same -or other- jar with honey, sugar, etc?


Burn the jar in a fire until it explodes. This should end the effects.

good idea but may be dangerous

let´s get to the brainstorming! :slight_smile:

Some more ideas please? all are welcome :slight_smile:

Trash it

Transmuting energies already sent could be tricky, as they are already out in the world and embedded where there were going… maybe best approached with a separate working for a healing and blessing.

I don’t think you can switch it to the good, for a voodoo jar, the ingredients are going to be all wrong with the symbolism for each already set to be baneful in your mind. And that could mess up future baneful workings that you want to do with those ingredients, as you’ve now confused your subconscious with what all the meanings are.

Yes I’d do this, if you want to know what I’d do to stop the jar sending more energy, I suggest dismantling it with the reverse intention that it was made in. The intention is what matters.

  1. In a cleansed space (and probably gloves on) first set your intention, knowing that at every action the magick is unwound and reduced.
  2. Open the jar, remove any solids, wrap them in tissue, look at the bungle and see it dead an inert… and throw them in the bin
  3. Throw away the liquid, ether in another container you put in the bin f it’s oil, or down the sink if it’s vinegar, see it drained of power as it drains away.
  4. Throw away the lid, useless not it’s purpose is gone
  5. Wash the jar with soap and intention, fill it with salt water and leave it under the cleansing moon for a night.
    After all these steps are one, the spell jar is no more and all you have left is a normal glass jar with which you can do whatever you like.

I would not just trash it, if your magick is working here, it’ll keep sending baneful energy from landfill where you’d have to resort to astral travel to get to it and fix it.

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Simply dismantle it. If there is no spirit attatched to it, the power is within these ingredients and everything within the jar, and the occult links between all things. So, simply dismantle it. Empty the bottle and destroy the ingredients.

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If liquid is alcohol is also good baking soda for neutralizing?
What about after throwing the liquid saltz and other components through the toilette, what about to save and keep the pieces of paper in which there are names, and put them inside a bottle filled with benefical ingredients like peppermint, honey sugar, etc? I read this latter idea don´t remember where.