How to manifest + Ritual to manifest any desire that you want

This a very easy ritual that will not only manifest any desire that you want but aslo exercise your godlike power,here the only thing that we will use is an incantacion by belial during my ninety day pathworking with me and him.

first you must have a clear desire and intent of what you want
do you really need it?for instance i want to get some malas this what i will use that ritual for i know that is going to work becuase I Xag/takkalos written this and i am going to perform it
in order to manifest you must be confident in your ability to do so,that doesnt mean that i will think everyday “hell yeah that is going to work” but instead just pure knowing that it does.period.

another factor of amazing manifestacion
is that of desiring nothing and getting everything which is hard to explain but i am going to put this anyway.its very similar to the example above but you can still desire that like crazy but dont think about it,which is unconciously desiring it,my solution to this is putting energy and power into that desire then detach from it completly and let manifest,you become shiva personified desiring nothing and getting everything from nothing to everything

in your spells you can put what ever you want,candles stones what ever but what matters most is that will and that desire that is realised and detachment nothing,but theres something you could not live without thinking about it like money which is completly understandable such serious conditions i choose to completly immerse myself with the ritual and then again detach and like a magnet attract them to me.or use all that stress as a rocket fuel for my magick.aslo you cant manifest things that you like by just doing the ritual and sitting on your pc and playing legue of legends but you most work and look for it especially money.

to be honest,yeah i really want mala’s which i cant find in my country but honestly they do not matter that much for me but i still want them as a tool in my arsenal i always dreamed of having malas and i would love to use them- so be it i am going to manifest them.

aslo have in mind to not overthink this.just realise your desires and guide them during the ritual and just detach, if you want to make it more potent meditate on the desire and chant the incantacion once daily and again detach and let it manifest it doenst matter how much power you put into the ritual it will take its time to manifest be patient.

The ritual

Meditate feel your breath rising and falling
feel your self lifting into the air
see infront of you your desire.for example i see my mala’s into the air i reach and grab it wear it on my hand i feel it and see it it is real now,feel the atmosphere changing as something new entered your life,feel your aura changing feel how your aura would be with that desire.feel your perception changing into how it would with your desire on,feel the energy of your life changing into like it would be with that desire on,meditate on this elevating feeling as it already happened as you see it and feel in front of you it is real
say the incantacion :

amantish dolikoh trev’servalis janta karanta

recite this over and over feel that reality solidifying then meditate on it
then let it be and detach and let it manifest.

Sincerely Xag_Darklight.


Nice job :facepunch:

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thank you :slight_smile:

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Will try this one of the following days!

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Nice work :muscle:

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Tank you for sharing.

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I tried this meditation with incantation and holy smokes, that was some powerful stuff.
I just did a regular relaxation, stating mantra of desired outcome over and over, then felt the feelings like the desired outcome had already come to pass. Then anchored that feeling into root chakra, and THEN started the incantation. After about 10 repititions, I felt a strong burning in my chest. I stayed focused on the final outcome image and feeling, and then ended the ritual.
Feeling great. Thanks so much for posting this.


Did you have the results that you wanted?

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Thank you for making this. But h o w does one pronounce it correctly?

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Pronunciation isn’t so much what’s important rather the feeling and intent you put behind the words. You can also break it down into syllables if that helps

Ah-man-tish dole-lie-koh tr-ev-sir-val-is jãn-tah kah-rawn-tah

Hope this helps :+1:


soo i’ve to keep doing this daily until i get my results?

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Go Get it, You surely have a lot of opportunities from the spell.
Maximize the moment and do what it needs to be done.

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Cool beans!:grin:

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