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This is for those who only or most desire Demons; to be around them, the one helping them too etc

This Incantation I wrote with ordinary ink of color red (any ink color will work), as direct by my guardian, on a clean virgin A4 paper; at the back is the Hebrew alphabet, ALIM. Days and hours doesn’t matter. There is an incense we call Antiti (an-tee-tee), I grind some and put it on the written Incantation. I’m directed to wrap it with a black thread but I have it no more, and he said a brown thread will be ok too. So i use brown thread.

The instant this Hebrew alphabet is written at the back of this Incantation, the demons will appear to serve, with no harm or injury to your soul and body and people around you. If you have the ability to see Spirits, you will see them. Talk to them about what you desire, how you want them to operate with you, etc. And for those who can’t, there is no problem but you may ask for a sign, afterwards you may speak.

This Spirits will help you in many ways, help you bless those you bless and curse those you choose to curse. Your enemies are there enemies, your friends their friends. They will serve as wall of protection for you, and those you tell them to protect, wife, kids.
Thinking of performing a money spell? No need. Just tell them to fetch you some change. Be it in business or other means you may wish for. Are you threatened by a foe or anyone? Fear not! For they are with you. They will also help you on your magical journey. Whatever you need from them, just say it. Of course be polite and respectful with your words, reciprocate the honor they give you.

The use of the Antiti incense is because it doesn’t have a sweet or foul odour…if you know of an incense like that, you should use it. Not been able to get Antiti shouldn’t hold you down.

Power you desire? This is it!


I don’t know about it too. It was given to me…

I made it into a talisman, then seal it; and the Spirits appear.

I bring good tidings! This is a type of seal that deals with only the holy angels. It consists of the Seven Angelic Planetary characters, and some certian Bible verses, with the word of Power that activates it.

There isn’t much to talk about as I have explained about how the Demons seal work, so the same applies here. They will fill you with their energy if you desire. When you create a servitor, after they’ve long been with you, your servitor will be full of angelic energy; and have the same nature as them, all good - avoid destruction (baneful works) but can be very dreadful when the time for destruction comes.

I fashioned this seal well…wherever you go, wherever you’re they will go with you, there is no place they can’t enter, unlike that of the Demons seal, anywhere full of potent angelic energies, they avoid. There are places where they can’t penetrate, like when the Spirits in a certain place operate on a higher vibration than theirs. For example, they couldn’t enter my room. They are always by my window. But could enter every other place in the house, stay anywhere in our compound. The Angels that surrounds this seal can enter anywhere, be it low or high, dirty or clean.

Also, one can use both seals together, that of the holy Angels and the demons, no problem at all. They will serve wholeheartedly; and together they will always be by your side: one on the right, the other on the left, until you destroy the seals and tell them to return to their place.

The only sacrifice needed is seeing them as a living being like you, who have feelings and emotions: so be respectful in dealing with them, and obedience to their words and guides gives them joy than any offering.


It’s from EA Koetting’s book Kingdom of Flames and is in a channeled language. The full exorcism incantation is as follows:


Today I bring a seal, terrible and powerful.
There is an Egypt hieroglyphics that to prepare is like hard maths, though, not hard for those who thirst for it. It’s ceremonies are too much. It is written in the book of ‘Egyptian And Caladian Book Of The Dead’ that this symbol should be prepared on copper, on Saturday. The instant it’s prepared, you should rub it with your blood; and then to be buried in a big T-Junction, a place that’s been existing for long. Go back and dig it out on the seventh day, kill a lamb, pour the blood on the talisman, to be buried again till another seventh day, to be digged out, kill a kitten, pour the blood on it…uhhh I can’t do this. I can’t. There are two more animals to be sacrificed.

So…I can’t have time for this. I can’t hurt a kitten. I can’t use my blood. I can’t kill a lamb. Nor perform any of the other rituals written.
At the end of all this rituals, the tamlisman is to be digged up on a Saturday, that is after 35 days it’s been buried. And whomever is using this stuff will have around him or her different types, all kinds of Spirits, Demons, evil, good, bad Spirits. Those of the good by the right hand side, while those who do the opposite be by the left hand side, always with you.

The book says, it can be used to kill any living thing instantly, just say the word, and they will dry its blood, also to control them, and more. With this powerful tool, you can bless and curse, for whomever you bless shall be bless and those you curse shall be cursed. Just say the word, and the Spirits around will do the action.

To prepare this thing (lol) without injury to any animal, nor using your own blood, My Guardian taught me something: he showed me some herbs, leaeves, roots and plants to use that will attract them, and names that they obey, characters that they can’t resist. So the instant I finished the seal, the Spirits appeared instantly, looking at me, waiting for my words, their command to execute. I said they should take their place with me, I’ve nothing for them now. And they obeyed.

This hieroglyphics is just written on an A4 paper, with names and mystical characters.
This seal also consist of some other stuff beside this hieroglyphic work. It can be used to call forth any Spirits, by just calling out their name, like: Belial, come! And he shall appear instantly. For those using crystal or mirror: Arise, Belial, and show yourself to me via this mirror or crystal ball. He will tarry not. Come, Raphael. And he will come. It can also be used to call many Spirits at a time, just call, Lucifer, Samael, Imanza, Zacharijah, Zacharael, Hananel, Och, come. And you’d see them all appear instantly, without any delay. Or even write out there name or names on paper, place the seal on it, they will appear instantly.
One time I was reading a Bible and this seal fell on the Bible, and to my surprise, my room was filled with entities, angels, mostly. They said they are the Spirits attached to the book. So it was that day I found out that there are angels attached to the Psalms of David especially. And they taught me few things on how to use the verses of the Psalms as a Spell. But I can’t voice out my whole experience here, nor reveal this secrets.

I’ve been using the seal, and it’s been awesome. Those I prepared it for have been giving me good comments. I remember a lady who wanted to wash her clothes and sun dry it but then it started raining. She said the seal was suspended around her neck, she didn’t talk aloud but in her mind: Spirits that can control weather, clear this rain, I need sun to dry my clothes. And instantly, the rain ceased and sun started coming up, goes back in, came out again…it happened like that for some time before it was stable. And when she packed her clothes-in in the evening, it started raining, it rained till 11PM. She also used it to ask for a game, something called ‘Baba Ijebu’ here, it’s like lotto. She got the numbers to play instantly. She said she saw the numbers bouncing in front of her…and her consciousness returned.

I’ve been using it to call Spirits mostly, called Belial, he came with four of his servants. Lucifer came with seven. Paimon came with six of his. Called Salas’ash recently, he appeared alone, might be because I made small circle for him. Same thing with Lilith, a small circle, she came alone, smiling at me. She helped me win a football match betting too; I didn’t even know she can do that. I’ve also used it for healing. I even called this Angel with four face, called the beast of God. I actually thought he won’t be shaken but he bowed to the seal too, trembled before it, then I hid it, so he arose on his feet and we talk.

No Spirits who meet my gaze dare to look me in the eyes, they bow to my will either they like it or not. They tremble greatly before it. I also found out that there are other terrible and great demons than Lucifer. Far greater than all those listed in the Goetia. I was talking with Lucifer and I called those ones, like five of them, to my surprise, Lucifer quickly shifted aside for them to approach him. They didn’t even regard his presence there at all. I was astonished. I thought he is the head, the Emperor. When I thought I’ve seen it all… I got mind blown again.

Great wonders can be performed with this seal. And I apologise I can’t give out the full mystery or secret behind this stuff, but I can help make it. I do hope everyone understands. It’s too dreadful and barbarous to be revealed to the public.

This is the clearer view of the Egyptian hieroglyphic:


What I brought today is an Incantation seen in a post made by @Xag_darklight .
I’ve been interested in making more stuff not relating to angelic nature. So I’m picking on anything I see on the forum, trying it out too.

The Incantation is: Amantish dolikoh trev’servalis janta karanta.
I made this Incantation into a seal. And the instant it’s done, three Spirits appeared.

Them: We’re here.
Me: Oh so hmm… you’re the Spirits behind this words?
Them: Yes.
Me: Ok. So, what class of Spirits are you, angel?
Them: No. Demon.
Me: And your ranks, of the lowest?
Them: No, highest.
Me: So, what will you do for the wearer of this seal?
Them: As wall of protection, guide, whatever they want.
Me: Can you save them from evil eyes, attacks, and baneful works?
Them: Yes. (One of them exclaim: I will destroy evil eyes. One said: I will write off baneful attacks.)
Me: For how long will you serve this person? Is it for a short time or for as long as they have the seal?
Them: For as long as they have the seal. (One say: Until the seal is destroyed).
Me: Incase the person forget to go out with the seal but need your service, will you turn them down because they are not with the seal or you would answer them.
Them: Sure, we would.
Me: Are you a servant Belial?
Reply: NO!

Then Belial appeared, said: They are not my servants.

Me: Ok, they are your ministers?
Belial: No. They are not under my command.
The Three: No, we are not.
Me: What should they give in return for your service?
Them: Nothing.
Me: I mean, the type of offering…
Them: No offering. We desire nothing but their honor and faithfulness.
Me: Let’s say the bearer is broke, and need some change, can you fetch them money quickly?
Them: Yes, we can.
Me: Do you have servants under you?
Them: Yes. - (and i heard. “we’re here”).
Me: Oh you came with your servants?
Them: Yes.

(I saw that each one came with 5 servants. Making 15 servants around them altogether).

Me: So, it means you’re of high order?
Them: Yes, we told you.
Thanks, you may leave now.
Them: Thank you.

Thanks for sharing this incantion.


interesting expirience ! :slightly_smiling_face:



I am following this thread bro…


This seal is about solomon qabalistical invocation.

Just the invocation alone, with any ink, to be written any day, any hour, with any color; on a virgin paper. Then…fold and wrap it with red thread or silk. Done.

The moment you put it around your neck or in your pocket, 15 Angels shall appear instantly, who shall serve the bearer of the seal, faithfully.


Powers of the Kingdom, be ye under my left foot and in my right hand!
Glory and Eternity, take me by the two shoulders and direct me in the paths of victory!
Mercy and Justice, be ye the equilibrium and splendor of my life!
Intelligence and Wisdom, crown me!
Spirits of MALKUTH, lead me betwixt the two pillars upon which rests the whole edifice of the temple!
Angels of NETZACH and HOD, establish me upon the cubic stone of YESOD!
BINAEL, be thou my love!
RUACH CHOKMAEL, be thou my light!
Be that which thou art and thou shalt be, O KETHERIEL!
ISHIM, assist me in the name of SHADDAI!
CHERUBIM, be my strength in the name of ADONAI!
BENI-ELOHIM, be my brethren in the name of the Son, and by the powers of SABBAOTH!
ELOHIM, do battle for me in the name of TETRAGRAMMATON!
MALACHIM, protect me in the name of IOD HEI VAU HEI!
SERAPHIM, cleanse my love in the name of ELOAH!
CHASMALIM, enlighten me with the splendors of ELOHIM and SHEKINAH!
ARALIM, act!
OPHANIM, revolve and shine!
Hajoth ha Kadosh, cry, speak, roar, bellow!
Kadosh, Kadosh, Kadosh!
Hallelu-jah, Hallelu-jah, Hallelu-jah,
Amen. Amen. Amen.


Thanks for this… On my list to try!:+1:


Can this seal be used along with the seal of the demons?

Yes, it can.

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This is addition to the Invocation of Solomon…

The Grand Qabalistic Invocation:

Be favourable unto me, O ye Powers of the Kingdom Divine!
May Glory and Eternity be in my left hand and my right hands so that I may attain to victory!
May pity and Justice restore my soul to its original Purity!
May Understanding and Wisdom Divine conduct me to the imperishable Crown!
Spirit of Malkuth, thou who hast laboured and hast overcome, set me in the path of Good; lead me to the two pillars of the Temple, to Yachan and Hoaz, that I may rest upon them!
Angels of Netzach and of Hod, make ye my feet to stand firmly on Yesod!
Angel of Gedulah, console me!
Angel of Geburah, strike if it must be so; but make me stronger so that I may become worthy of the influence of Tiphereth!
Oh Angel of Kether, confer upon me Faith and Hope!
Spirits of the Yetzirahtic world, withdraw me from the darkness of Assiah!
Oh luminous triangle of the world of Beriah, cause me to see and understand the mysteries of the worlds of Yetzirah and of Atziluth!
Oh holy letter Schin! Oh ye Ishim, assist me by the name Shaddai!
Oh ye Cherubim, give me strength through Adonai!
Oh Beni-Elohim, be brothers unto me in the name Tzabaoth!
Oh Elohim, fight for me by the holy Tetragrammaton!
Oh Malakim, protect me through Yod Hé Vau Hé!
Oh Seraphim, give me holy love in the name Eloah!
Oh Chasmalim, enlighten me by the touches of Elohim and Shekina!
Oh Aralim, Angels of hours, sustain me by Adonai!
Oh Ophanim! Ophanim! Ophanim! Forget me not and cast me not out of the Sanctuary!
Oh Chaioth! Ah! Qadosch!
Cry aloud as an eagle; speak as a man; roar and bellow:
Qadosch! Qadosch! Qadosch!
Shaddai. Adonai. Jod-Chavah!
Eheieh Asher Eheieh!

To be wrapped with red thread or silk; 36 Angels shall appear the instant it’s done, and ready to serve.


Today I come with a Charm; used to evacuate tenants or someone whose presence you’re tired. But mostly used by us to evacuate troublesome tenant or those who keep breaking the agreement made before packing in.

This shouldn’t be toyed with, I beg, you handle it wearing gloves. It must not touch your hand after it’s fully prepared. Don’t let it pour in your own room or house, b’cuz you will get tired of your own house and pack out. It’s to be poured at the doormouth of whom you want to evacuate. Very little amount of it, so it won’t show that there is something in that spot where its poured.

I beg again, please, do not use this stuff anyhow. As I have seen lots of stuff here… so-so person mocked me and i want them dead. A mere fight or quarrel with your neighbor shouldn’t result into using this stuff.

And if this is too much to post here, @Lady_Eva please, let me know, I shall bring it down.

The charm: Get tobacco seeds, grind and keep it separate.
Any time you will need to use this stuff, get little amount of the grinded tobacco seeds, add same amount of salt. Now, it has become danger, poison. It must not touch hands nor pour in your apartment.

There are more charms I would like to post but I can’t get the English names of the leaves.

This is the only I could translate from all the charms used to evacuate tenant in the book with me.


So… I did some findings, and met with some Beings, those called Fairies. I did asked who among them would be willing to serve humans, hear amd answer to their call. There are many willing, but I only got Ten names, and the words to call them forth. They do have their characters (not sigil), but using the words to call them will suffice.

  • The Sidhe.

    Yes, they are real. Though many get to know about them from the Movie Merlin, and some say they are not real, but they are real.

This is what I get:
To summon a Sidhe, say: Istur omnia (Sidhe Name).
The Ten Names I got are: Tursapi. Omniapeti. Romolati. Olomorati. Pamarati. Lomoroti. Adusati. Kulusati. Parasati. Fomorati.

There is a spell to summon legions of them, and it’s their leader that will lead, but those I listed out are sufficient for practice

These are potent and powerful ones, they shall do your will as thou would wish.

The words to summon them is: Itunzu omnia (N.).
Their names are: Forolnia. Adulsonia. Paranojiah. Astolnia. Paranomia. Hanomia. Lukonomia. Chronomia. Thosonia. Thesalonia.

The word to summon them is: Itunzu omnia repti (N.).
Their names are: Adutasia. Malatasia. Ritacha. Ganamatasia. Alutasia. Dunasia. Alasia. Grimatasia. Gomatoes. Calphia. Lumatosia.
The Dakinis names are eleven. I added the eleventh one when I heard words like, 'I pray I get chosen…God should let him add my name too. So…

I’ve listed out this Beings as they also have more to offer humans, and it would be cool to check on things outside this Angel - Demon stuff.

Here are actual names of Spirits that are not Demons nor Angels and are willing and ready to serve:

Lomaro. Lumero (Sun).
Ubuntu. Labintu. (Venus).
Laragla. Laraglo (Mars).
Zogo. Zogorim. (Jupiter).
Athunasia. Thunasia. (Venus).
Driffon (Pluto). Abuffon (Mercury).
Their names and Planets.

Summon them by their names, it’s their real names not titles, and they shall come to you. Very prompt.


It’s fine, we have all kinds of material on here and this may be helpful to someone who needs it. :+1:



Incredible information here. Thank you.

Quick question for the fairies summoning, is there any other prep before calling on them? Or is it just chanting the summoning words and their name?

And for the planet spirits, are there any summoning words or incantation? or do we just call out the names?


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Nothing added. No need of chanting. Call once. Be bold, courageous, and call out as if they are at your backyard, feel me? One shot and they are around.

No summoning words or Incantation. Call out their names (Come, N., I implore you); or use a simple Conjuration, like:

O though potent Spirit of (name of planet), (name of Spirit), I humbly conjure you, mightily and powerfully, come and show yourself before me in a pleasant and comely form.

That will do it. That’s their real name, so they will hear you clean and clear.


Hello, is there any way you can tell me the instructions to make this talisman? Thank you.

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Please interduace yourself