How To Make Someone Who Already Loves You Want A Relationship?

For some reason my thread was deleted even though I asked a question completely unrelated to my other posts/questions. It is about the same relationship but what I am asking is completely different to anything I’ve asked. Anyway, I guess I will keep this short & cut right to the point. There is a man I dated for about 1 year casually, he told me “I love you” and we had great chemistry together, and he always said we are great for each other. He ended things 4 months ago but recently came back last week and wanted to talk to me again.

My question is this. Love spells work to make him love me but it doesn’t change to make him want a relationship with me. What demons do you suggest calling and on what phrases do you suggest to make someone who already has feelings for you & passion for you, get in a relationship with you?

I’m a little confused on what demons to work with or if I should just state the command as “Target is officially making me is exclusive girlfriend*”.

This guy isn’t your average guy. He has some anxiety issues, uses drugs (weed/stimulants), and is extremely wealthy & successful.

Try Sallos.


But what do you suggest I petition for? I worked lots of demon magick on him last year and he did tell me “I love you” without me saying anything first, and kept alluding to how he was scared for a relationship and catching feelings but that we are so good for each other, and would always say he doesn’t want to hurt me by disappointing me if we date. He said all of this without me even bringing anything up. We got to a point where I was frustrated things had gone on so long casually and he ended up saying he was depressed and I shouldn’t waste my time with him because I want a real bf. So we didn’t talk for 4 months and he randomly came back. I think I should tweak my approach. It seems he did/does love me, but something is holding him back from a relationship.

I was considering calling on Belial and saying “Destroy any limiting thoughts, beliefs, and emotions that target has towards dating me and loving me, so that he happily makes me his exclusive girlfriend and lover”.

However I feel this might be 2 petitions into one. Should I just pick one demon and make the petition simple?

My advice is NO SEX!!! Cut it out. I stopped fucking my dude and he left. Tell this person what you want and if they can’t give it to you move on.


After seeing him for 4 months we hung out but didn’t have sex.

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I think life is to short. Men know what they want rather quickly.


Not to come across as judgmental, but you might not want to do this magick. For both ethical and non ethical reasons.
You mess with a person’s head enough, especially one who isn’t satisfied, you might experience a horrible backlash.
I’ve known a few scenarios where the person has gone totally batshit crazy and because abusive or become morbidly depressed and started self medicating with drugs and booze.

If a person doesn’t want to be there, let them go. Yes, use your magick to get what you want, that’s what it’s there for, use it to get him interested in you, or to balls up, but when we’re talking life long bindings… be very careful.

They’re several spells you can use to attract someone who DOES want to be there, and you won’t have to constantly worry if their binding is wearing off or not.

What spells do you recommend? You can PM me. I know the magick is working powerfully because I never had feelings for him until I started doing the love magick last year. We always had great chemistry and passion and had slept together before I ever did magick. I have this strong feeling we’re meant to be together, and he seems to always come back in my life somehow.

Not what you want to hear but you might want to move on. Love spells are temporary and usually someone gets their feelings hurt (unless what you wanted was a fling or something short term). They probably should be more accurately named “Lust” spells. But that’s just my opinion.

If he’s not willing to commit now he won’t when the spell starts to fade either. A much better approach would be to cast a love spell on yourself (for self love and an open heart to receive love). That way you attract a partner that is drawn to this inner quality. These type of spells actually do work for this kind of love. Mainly because I think consent is involved.

But if you must: Sallos, Sitri, Zepar, Asmodeus, Amon, Gremory, Beleth, Gaap, and Dantalion. But be careful, you could really fuck some things up with these guys :laughing::joy::joy:


What do you mean by I could “fuck things up with these guys?” Also what would you recommend for a petition?

I might try again I’m just unsure what my petition should be. I’m currently doing a spell to increase my capacity to love, also I’m going to stat trying online dating to keep my options open. The problem is I’m picky and I would love someone who I have this great chemistry with and who is ideally as successful/wealthy as this person is.

Do some glamour magic on that dude. Level up, watch Sheraseven videos and do some love spells. Its going to take a lot of work to land this guy.


That’s the way I’d suggest you to go, but if he have anxiety and other mental health problems maybe you’d better to not mess with his head any further.
Especially if it’s only his extremely wealth & success you so badly want to be with his and beforehand you didn’t even had any feeling towards him.

Maybe just do what other people here suggested and let him go.


Fucking things up in your life or his, meaning that there may be some unexpected or unwanted outcomes. Demons tend to take the path of least resistance so this is a possibility.

A hypothetical example would be that you do the spell, it works, but later on it all falls apart and you’re left with a broken heart and a self esteem that may be hurt. Another example would be him becoming “creepily” obsessed with you and then have to do jump the magical hoops just to stop it.

Just make the petition from your heart and exactly what you want. The formula is not as important as manifesting your will. I know it may seem obvious or unhelpful but trust me there’s plenty of love spells and/or petitions on the forum and YouTube. Just put in the search “love spell petition”.


I’d suggest not calling to Belial for one. He’s one of the most aggressive demons recorded. If the guy is already in a fragile head space you might shatter his mind.

I’d suggest letting this one go. It seems you’ve done a lot of magick on him already if I’m going by your post. So, talk face to face, make your demands and if he’s not down, do a healing ritual and move on.

If what you want is his money and wealth, they you can entice him to spend on you. Bune in conjunction to a love spirit can help. Sallos might not be very effective because from what I gather he is more intune with wanting a genuine love connection.
Sitri might be much better to make him lust for you and bend to your will.

But if you’re looking for genuine love, then task Sallos to help, or Haniel, or Yemaya. A lot of spirits can help in having a healthy home base that’s not one sided, but again, unless you have very good relations with belial id suggest not using him on this guy. I might become shattered.


honestly, i don’t get why you would use love magick on a guy who you didn’t even have any feelings for to begin with. You have to be honest with yourself. EA has said on a few occasions that you should only do magick for the things you actually want…and not go about things in such a roundabout way. If the fact that he’s wealthy is what you were attracted to, then it would be better to spend your mana on summoning Bune, not Belial

Dantalion. Ask him to make your boyfriend want to commit to a serious relation

Yes I want to be wealthy but I also want to be married to someone wealthy.

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Go for it! Witches need to be grounded so a rich marriage is very good :wink: