How to make a petition to bring death?

Might sound evil to some.But I want to kill this family member because he’s holding me back,Im 21 I never had a boyfriend I can’t go out in the city I can’t dress how I want I can’t wear makeup or im being called a sl*t and sent to sleep on streets.This really made me depressed to the point I wanna kill myself because why live if you have no freedom? I tried contacting Santa Muerte I played her enn in the darkness crying begging because of my depression I was like : Let me die or Let him die and the next day an AXE flew towards him ,almost killed him he told me that. And I was so happy she listened to me but seems like he has protection???Since the axe didn’t hit him? He’s literally 80 years old . Plus he complains daily about his illness,he keeps cursing and he also wants to die because he’s sick. He says he wishes he would die already. So how can I set him free off pain and also set myself free? Please someone explain me how to make a petition correctly

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Use the petition guide in the tutorials.


What you’re asking for is called baneful magick and there are lots of posts on this forum about it in the self defence section if you read wisely:

However, to me it sounds like what you need is not what you’re asking for. Especially if you already struggle with depression and your mental health. This person may be a real asshole but since he is family you might suffer with the burden of guilt if you cause them pain for revenge. I would rather suggest that you perform magick to build more confidence, empower yourself, rid yourself of negative thoughts and feelings. At the same time you could do a freezing spell to keep this person away or have less interest and control over you. You could also try “Stop a Known Enemy” and “Take Power From A Bully” from Damon Brand’s Magickal Protection book. There’s other options you could take in order to achieve the same end goal before escalating to such height. Wishing you success, strength and blessings.