How to log out e.a website?

how to log out e.a website that not forum?

If you want to login into a different account, try by clicking here Login - Become A Living God it should give you the option to enter your other mail and password.
You can also use another browser where you haven’t saved any password or try to clear cookies from your current browser.

If it’s something else you want to do or nothing else works, speak with zendesk

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While on it, I see you’re with us for a couple of years but you haven’t introduced yourself yet. Please click this link New Magician Help & Introductions - Become A Living God and make an introduction as your very next post. It’s not optional.
Here’s some helpful Ideas for your intro:

And make sure also to read the forum’s rules

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Also, try clearing cache and cookies, see if that works. :+1:

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