How to learn everything

I haven’t going this topic in the search option and I was wondering…

Is it possible to go to your astral temple (obviously in the astral realm) and learn everything?

Does time effect the astral plane the same as earth? In other words, if you spend 2 hours in your astral temple will that convert to 2 hours in teal life? If not, what stops you from learning everything? If yes, is there a way to make them uncorrelated? Thanks.


Sorry, but you cannot learn everything. That is an impossibility.

However, you can “download” knowledge from places like the Akashic Records and astral libraries. What happens is the knowledge slowly filters into your consciousness over the course of hours or days.


If I can’t learn everything can I forget everything that I know that is incorrect?

No, you could expend a life in the astral and it could be just 1 hr in real life.


No. If you forget what is incorrect, you will never know what is actually correct by comparison.

Humans learn through trial and error. We first need to know how not to do something before we ever learn how to do that something correctly.


That is a good point. I need to have as big of a database of incorrect things as optimal for a given task.

@DarkestKnight If you can spend an entire lifetime in the astral world and only have it be an hour or so in real life, why couldn’t you learn as much as you wanted if not everything?

You could evoke demons and angels to gift you with knowledge and grow spiritually until you couldn’t any more. The trial and error could be obtained through the astral would rather than the physical.

You can’t spend an “entire lifetime” in the astral, contrary to the ravings of a certain member of this forum who is obsessed with doing so.

I’m not sure what you think the astral plane is, but you can’t live there and have only an hour pass in the physical world. Time still flows; it just flows differently. That’s why when the researchers in the US Army’s Stargate program tried to spy on the Russians, they would most often find themselves seeing either the past or the near future, rather than the present.

Neither demons nor angels hold all knowledge, and you can’t exactly learn through trial and error in the astral plane because true knowledge has to be filtered into your conscious awareness to actually become part of you. As I said, when you download knowledge from the astral. It filters into your mind slowly over time once you are back in the physical. While in the astral, you may get instant visions of understanding, but you won’t take that effect back with you when you return.

Do you really think the retrieval of knowledge from the astral hasn’t been done by thousands of magicians before you? The astral plane is not a short cut to omniscience. if it was, there would be a hell of a lot more all knowing people in the world.


@DarkestKnight how does time flow in the astral then?

Now, I don’t know. There’s might be something to what the OP is trying to do.

Time in the astral does flow different from the physical realm. To quote the “Holy Bible”, “A thousand years for man is only a day to God.”

So, 1000 Human-years = 1 God-day. It should be possible to live several lifetimes in the astral realm. Look at how much knowledge that is.

Today, we can store 1000 GB = 1 TB of data on a Micro SD card as small as a fingernail! What used to fill up entire buildings now can fit in a thumb drive or your cellphone.

If time is compressed in the astral realm like this, it would explain how the Akashic records are so vast. How come someone can’t recieve a tutorial on a subject, or several subjects in a couple hours or a couple days? People already finish their Bachelor’s degrees online in two years. Why not go the astral realm and get it in two weeks? Seriously. This could revolutionize education.

Imagine in the near future, that someone is put into a form of stasis or trance where their subconscious mind is more receptive. They are fed images and sounds (programs?) by way of a combination of virtual reality, nanotech or neural stimulation.

Again, magick is already ahead of the curve in terms of technology. Learning machines which can emulate or use the Akashic records to provide education by sending infotainment, information and experiences directly to the brain.

I hope some of this rant makes sense.


@CyberLord that’s pretty much exactly what I was thinking! Do you think we would be able to accomplish that in todays world though?

You would have to take the Bible literal for that to be anywhere near the truth. Plus, that statement is talking about the perception of time from God’s perspective, and assumes time even exists to God.

And you would also have to assume the astral is equivalent to the “God-Mind” which it is not. It is simply one plane among many.

As I said, the information doesn’t flow that way. It comes into consciousness slowly, not all at once. Anyone who has downloaded information from the Akashic Records can tell you that much.

The astral plane is the realm of imagination and from it you can access the collective unconscious of the human race, and therefore the majority of knowledge possessed by our species. However, accessing the information and downloading it into your own consciousness are two vastly different things.

You can learn anything. You cannot learn everything.

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How do you do that in the astral?

Accessing the Akashic records is pretty simple. They usually manifest in a way your mind recognises, like in the form of a library, or a file cabinet.

You would just read the information astrally, and when you return to the physical world, the information will slowly make its way from your astral form into your conscious mind.

Frankly, people talk a lot of silliness about what can be done in the astral plane.They seem to think it is the be all and end all, forgetting that there are far greater planes above it.


What is so great about the other planes? Besides earth (the physical) and astral, there’s not very much clear information about it on this forum. The most I can find is people talking about partial and full projection. There is one person who listed the different planes @Kaname_Outsutsuki but he didn’t List what was so special about each of them. Not different planes.

I do not think this is possible. Highest beings coikd probably do it though. Involves ability to interact with multiple different dimensions at once etc.

While taking a nap I was ready to do an astral projection, I wanted to visualize a past life, my wish was fulfilled but I didn’t visualize the past life, I was living the entire life since born, minute by minute, year after year.

The problem was that my brother suddenly waked me up so I violently returned to my physical body, it was like time travel since I was thinking I was the guy of my past life, I suffered my first pannic attack, it lasted 10 minutes, the time I needed to erase my past life and recover my memories of this life.

The nap lasted 2 hours.

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My only fear is going mad with information overload

@Dominicareth so we’re you living years of this persons life in your short nap or was it like a time lapse?

I was living every single day, month, years. I didn’t die [my brother waked me up] on the past life to return to my physical body.

The experience could send me to a mental institution if I didn’t recover my memories of this life.