How to know which spirit is right for me?

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I have experienced and rehearsed many spirits. All seem so perfect, how can I determine would be appropriate to work especially in a mentor capacity?

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By choosing the one you’re drawn to and making the first move. If it doesn’t work out move on. You find the “right” one with experimentation.


Ahh thank you💕

Talk to all of them and let the relationships develop as they will. It’s all good learning.


Use a pendulum or tarot to divine as to which one would like to work with you to your expected capacity.



I would let go of trying to find one mentor if you aren’t being pulled towards one or another right now. Just keep learning and growing on your own, and when you understand yourself better and the direction you want your magic to grow in, you will be able to hear your mentor and go from there.


This makes sense, thank you

Your intuition will tell you pretty much who is the best for you to work with. You’ll feel somewhat pulled to them.
It some cases, They themselves would make it known they want to help you and work with you.


Do I have to work with a deity after they visited me in dream time?

You don’t have to, but do you know why they visited you?


I think it was because of research I was doing online at the time and a reading I had. They gave me their kemetic name

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So its safe to work closer with a spirit than the one who greeted me first?

Of course :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I like this topic, and it’s a very good question. I can only go off of my own experiences, but I’ve always found that when you keep constantly thinking about one particular spirit, that usually can be a sign that they want to work with you.

Case in point, about twelve years ago, I just couldn’t shake the image of Santisima Muerte from my thoughts. And everywhere I went I’d see signs of her, either something someone had sad, or an image on a car, or even once on the tv. It must be noted that I wasn’t at the time living in the States, or South America, where she is prevalent. So seeing her image on a car or in a shop window was definitely shocking.

For me it’s been the same experience throughout my magickal life; when a spirit wants me to specifically work with them, I’ll get that constant nagging feeling.

I hope that helps. To summarise, go with whomever you feel most drawn to in the moment, and ask them.

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Thank you all so much :slight_smile: