How to know if you have a sexual parasite?

Is it possible to have a sexual parasite become attached to you after years of giving myself to strangers? When I was kid I had sex a lot with random older men, I was in a dark place and needed help. Now that I’m older in my early 20s I find myself struggling with my sexual needs. Having sex isn’t the problem but being able to control myself once I do have sex with someone is hard. It’s like all it takes is one person and my week is filled with fucking, sometimes multiple people a day.

Now as I write this and think, I do recall that I created an invocation for Aphrodite last year and after invoking her she told me I was in a trial…I thought I finished it last year but what if I didn’t and what I overcame was just the beginning?

Note: I have gotten therapy throughout my late teens which has helped me tremendously with processing this stuff which is how I got to where I am now. Being able to recognize bad habits I have been able to understand and turn them into something positive and informing.

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Yes, and a lot of addictions and chronic negative moods can be viewed shamanistically as parasite infestation.

This increase I think is somewhat normal: once your hormones are stimulated you’re sort of riles up and the more you do the more you can. This happens for me as well just a lot more low key. Working on the overall addiction should also reduce this.

Sounds like something to follow up on and check out. At the least eliminate it as a source of the issue.

A lot of guys fap several times a day, it might be only a sign that you have good testosterone levels and you don’t need to “fix” that, that’s cool tere’s nothing wrong with you physically… but channel it into something that’s really good for you and away from the risky behaviour to get satisfaction.

Maybe work out or go for a run in the morning when T levels are the highest, take up martial arts, get work in construction or tree service or the military or something like that, that’s active and burns off that energy. At the same time you’re around other guys who also have high T and understand the drive so you won’t feel like you’re the odd one out.


Could you expound on that a bit?
About 5 years ago I became hypersexual and it’s been a lot of trial and error finding ways to pull myself out of it before it affects my day to day life. I just want to make sure I’m understanding correctly before throwing my 2 cents in.

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It depends. Succubu-Incubu type (similar behavior) of parasites let you physically feel them. If you are not too much open to feel or percibe energies, you still would feel electromagnetic sensations. Now, there are other kind of parasites, like some astral larvaes or squid type or inclusive a shadow parasite. I believe you should go to 2 or more clairvoyant persons, and see convergences in what they describes. That is one option: other option is to open your ajna chakra. For that, search the australian Clairvoyance School. They have a very good free book for that, and you can complement that with binaural waves. Now, for an other hand, try to clean your self with an egg, clean your house with whitte sage and bowls of whater with salt (you put one per room, and renew the salt every day), and go to a good reiki teraphist. I respectfully don’t suggest shamans

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I’d suggest a psychiatrist, a recovery specialist, and years of therapy. Then I’d suggest core shamanism to get to the root, as in personal and private shamanism for yourself. Yes there could be some kind of sexual spiritual things feeding on you, but that level of compulsion is dangerous and unhealthy, and seriously, you should not be going on this way without seeking some kind of medical assistance.

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It kinda feels like I’m aware of my body but I’m really horny and that need takes priority. I’ve tried masturbating back to back but I still just feel the need to have sex. I don’t really want to and most of the time I feel disgusting afterwards like I didn’t want to do it but I felt compelled to do it. There are times when I do enjoy it but then I feel overwhelmed by the ‘power’ I obtained from that encounter and proceed to do it again to feel that same way and it just doesn’t come. I struggle with seeing my strength in my sexual prowess because I’m unsure if my actions are truly my own. Don’t get me wrong, I love sex but it just feels like I’m not in control of myself once I do engage someone. I feel lost and used, I want to believe this is me but it just doesn’t feel like it.

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I’m very sensitive to energies and occasionally feel like there’s a pressure on my neck and a portion of my upper spine. I’ll look into those sources, thank you!

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Babes, I already said I’ve been going to therapy for yeaaarrrs. I understand and know my trauma and had gotten to a place of growth and opportunities. Now, I’m feeling like I’m engaged in a rapport of sorts with something I can’t quite explain nor make sense of. I came here because I know it’s of a spiritual nature and I can’t really place its origins but I believe I know where it lies now. Thank you for your insight.


Fair enough shnoockums, I’m all in check now :kissing_heart:

I’m a sex addict who goes lodge to hook up