How to know if a love spell is working?

I did a love spell on someone and I had a dream they broke up.with their current partner and was single again. Is this a good sign? This person hates me btw so would doing a love spell on them be even harder?

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Could be a sign, but be careful with the love spell you have to be committed to a clingy partner.

Im commited its just she doesnt like me, plus Ive had weird mood swings where I care what she thinks and then again where i completely.dgaf if I even see her again. Is that also a sign?

Why does she hate you lol


We met on a dating app after a while she said she met sokeone else so I showed up at her work to prove I was a real man.

Unholy cow…DO NOT DO THIS. It’s a good way to scare the hell out of her and make her think you’re a creepy stalker (and I’ve had several of those), if not a serial killer.

Try a spell to meet someone new. Magick can only work with what’s there, and if she’s already upset with you, it’s just not going to work. Trust me on this.

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She said shed consider dating me a while.back

I agree with the others who say DON’T DO THIS! You do not have to prove that you’re a real man or not. Real men respect women, showing up there could possibly expose you to any number of possible legal issues that could drive her further away and it does look like stalking her in her eye’s and her employer’s eye’s as well. You’re a smart guy, don’t flub it up by doing something that no “real” man would do. I ain’t slammin’ you buddy, you are tenacious, but going over the top isn’t a good thing to do in so many ways.

Let her make her decision. If you jump in head first, it most likely will backfire on you. Nobody wants that for you.

Also, every person has free will. That’s why “making” it work is so inadvisable. No one can “make” a person love them, and if you try to force it through a ritual or spell, it robs the other person of their free will. Then, if circumstances warrant, you might not be able to get her out of your life. I personally would’t use any “make them love me” type spell. Just as we choose our clothes to wear in the morning, so does another person fall in love. If you"make it" happen, it just doesn’t work. That’s all based on my own experience and what I’ve seen in this forum, not too many people have it work out. And do not think you’re the 1% who will make it happen, that just add’s fuel to the fire, a fire which you might not be able put out. I know its not what you want to hear, I sure didn’t, but bad things happen to those who impose on another person’s free will. She would resent you for that too, in a big way. Again, I’m not trying to rain on your parade, some folks just have to find out for themselves, but I had to caution you. Think about it… what if someone tried to impose on your own free will?

No one would want to impose on someone something that that person didn’t want, but was locked into. Tread lightly, and keep your chin up!

If she starts stalking you theres a good chance its working lol.

Everyone who’s telling him not to, it’s too late. He already got in there and showed her he actually is …

And now he is on her mind. And now his magic can start :wink:

I want to impose ot

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How will I know of she is?

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How fair is that to her?

I didn’t do what @mauricio did lol. I do agree that I am willing to eliminate the free will part but just wondering how too

I would get a reading to look into the situation

I won’t tell you how to eliminate a persons free will. A reading into this whole thing is a great idea, but there may be parts you don’t like, but have to accept. Just sayin’ man. What if someone took away your free will? You gotta think of the other person as a human being, not a possession. We don’t “own” anybody!

And can’t make it happen just because you want it.