How to keep a person bound to one place?

Is there a spell or demon I can work with to keep a specific person bound to one place? For example you have this co worker, you would like to stay in your department rather than them switching because it would be more beneficial for you. How would one do so?

Or another example, you want to keep this one person, around your vicinity rather than them moving so you can seduce them. Who should one work with?

There’s this one person I don’t want to lose, and I’m willing to do anything for them.

Sitri. Get the relationship going so they come to you.

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I’ve worked with Prince Sitri before and it was very effective. The girl waited for me outside my classroom in the hallways, she laughs at my jokes when they aren’t funny, her friends know about me, and she looks at me all the time. She knows I like her and she tries to catch my attention every single day.

One problem is, She might be transfering schools next year and I may never see her again. I know she wants me to seduce her, but I just can’t with the school year ending in 5 days. I need more time.

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The thing is, it’s my fault. The magick was insanely effective and she was attracted to me. But I just haven’t been doing the mundane to get her and I can’t in 5 days. She gets shy around me.

I need her to stay in my school so when the school year starts I’ll be able to make her mine. I’ll be spending the summer studying, preparing, and doing the inner work so I’ll be ready when the time comes.

I asked her if she’ll be transferring and she said she wasn’t sure so there’s room for change. I’ve heard from some friends that she’ll be staying here until college because she wants to stay in the soccer team, and I heard from her other friends that she’ll be transferring but they don’t where. I just need her to stay here for the next school year since I might be transferring after.

Do you have any advice? Can Asmodeus help when we evoke him this Friday?

Well it sounds like attraction isn’t the issue, it’s logistics, and she won’t have been taking action to change them as you didn’t give her reason to. Do you at last have her phone number so you can stay in touch? Is she going to be back in the fall?

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I have this strong intuition she won’t be transferring though. During my evocations of Asmodeus and Prince Sitri I asked them if she would transfer and the pendelum swings to no all the time, but her friends say otherwise. So I don’t know if my subconcious is altering the results.

I don’t have her phone number, but we’re both friends on Facebook and Instagram. This might be the last time I’ll see her face to face.

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I’m going to go all out these last 5 days. I’ll be using magick stratetigically.

I’ll work with Dantallion to change her and her parents mind
I’ll petition Asmodeus, Agares, and Belial to keep her here next year
I’ll enflame her with Passion and Desire with Prince Sitri
And I’ll work with Jareth’s Tempest’ FG, Raziel’s Paths of Power, and AOO book

For the mundane, I’ll be approaching and speaking to her every day now. I’ll make her feel special. I’ll write her this letter telling her how much I’ll miss her and how I enjoyed every single part of our interactions together, that I once fell out of love, that I dreamt about her, and how I wish I could have done better.

You HAVE to ask for her phone number. For sure. I know you can have phone conversations on fb but this feels more personal, and shows a serious interest on your part. Not asking for it sends the wrong signals that you’re not that into her.

If you both have iphones you can facetime as well.

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She definitely knows I’m into her haha, I confessed the last two Valentines, I gave her flowers, chocolates and a letter throughout the school year. My friends from her section said it made her happy when she received them.

Yesterday I made her laugh, I was like “Sarah is your dad a baker, aww because I think you’re a cutie pie” And she was shy afterwards, I saw her go to her friend and scream lmao.

It’s our last 4 days of school and I’m going to miss her so much. It’s hard to describe but it’s like even if you aren’t as attracted to them as before you feel so incomplete and unhappy without them. No matter how many other pretty girls there are, you always end up going back to them. I liked her for almost two years now and I just can’t move on lol.

Will definitely try to get her number before the school year ends!

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I’m certain zepar will pick up where others demons left off
And this is coming from someone who has worked with sitri pretty closely
Give your situation to zepar , tell him about previous workings , maybe possibly alter certain things so this working can pick back up and in full

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Which method of evocation do you use for calling Zepar?

Update: I decided to purchase a tarot card reading online to ask about her. The reader drew the Queen of swords which signified that she was most likely to transfer and it was time for me to cut what no longer served me. I decided to research further on the card and it said my judgement was clouded and I needed to think logically.

Right now I’m just at a crossroads, the reading is true, I’ve been distracted from school, I’ve been depressed, and I haven’t been myself lately due to this. I love her alot and I don’t want to lose her. But deep down I know that I’m not yet ready, I know that I’m not the best man for her and I know that her feelings for me are only due to magick.

I’m currently in between a period of time wherein my future self will be looking back to, Did I decide to give her up in pursuit of knowledge and skills, or did I fight for her, did I decide to keep her with me. I have the power to shape my own reality and to alter the future but I know I must think wisely.

I’m fine with her transferring, but I resent the feeling of her being with another, I want her to be mine, but I need time to build myself, I need time to focus on my skills, and I need more time to ready myself. I have to change myself in order to be deserving of her. She’s taught me many life lesson in the process and she was the one that led me to the occult, but I just have to see her again. I want to spend this lifetime with her.

I don’t know anymore. Maybe it is best for me to let things go. To pursue a tactical retreat, to grow better from this, and to learn from my errors. I’m sure there’s going to be other girls, but none will ever compare to her.

I’m going to perform a ritual, to uncover the intentions and plans of another. I first need to find out where she’ll be transferring and then I can base my decision on this.

Okay fuck this, Divination is only a perceived outcome of the future if nothing is done to change this. The future is not set in stone.

I got another practitioner to read for me via pendelum and card and they said No, she will not be transferring. They received the judgement card reversed and the pendelum swang from left to right with weak energy. Which means that she’s still unsure and they said she needs some time to come to a realization about where her future lies. So if nothing is done, then magick will take the path of least resistance.

I think the previous reading indicated that it would be wise to cut what no longer serves me but the decision is ultimately up to me.