How to Improve pineal-gland (3rd eye)

I heard that some people avoid eating meat, dairy etc

Has anyone have any informatiom about it?

Fastening can be helpful, in many ways.

One monk who was very advanced in these things once said: Carnivores never improve on matters of praying and spirit. There are seven levels of fastening. First, those who don’t eat meat. They’ll see little improvement. Then, those who don’t eat any animal products. I don’t recall the next levels exactly, but some included only eating nuts and some specific fruits and not even most other stuff vegans would eat, which would be difficult even for the most advanced spiritually and even for most monks, he said. And the very last, which is impossible for most and only the hardest ever manage to, would be eating nothing at all and living from godly mana (sacred food which the gods would provide once in a while).

All these levels would be accompanied with big advancements in spiritual matters and abilities he claimed.

I’m trying to have times of fastening, where I eat no meat and animal products. This involves paying attention that other products do not contain either ingredients from animals which may be not immediately obvious, like gelatine which is in a lot of food and especially sweets.

Also, I started avoiding anything from wheat, not a lot, but reducing it constantly, as it means also eating less of things like pasta. Some claim that this is a big nono for the 3rd eye/pineal gland.

What I do to improve it further, making sure my body is overall more healthier and balanced and taking things which is said to help cleanse the pineal gland, like Ashwaganda.

Hope, that was some help to start your research further into it :slight_smile:

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Have you notice any difference since then?

It’s difficult to say, as I started with some things (like Ashwaganda) only recently and it may take a little time.

Through periods of fastening I think there is some difference, yes. Too small yet though to be absolutely certain. I should probably do longer than 30-50 days, which is my usual most, and more frequently. I do have though more balance in my spirit, during these periods. With balance I mean, I feel more calm, less troubled, and even if I don’t “perceive” something, I have a sense as if my mind and everything is more open. Then, when I start to eat meat&co again, this seems to reverse. Of course, this all is just a “feeling”… wish there was a way to measure differences in numbers lol

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Ah yes, one thing I forgot, I definetely have seen difference in my energy. I’ve been more active doing things I like or want, for which I’m more lazy otherwise, during or after a fastening. It may be a result of one’s discipline which is improved during fastening though, but I think, it probably is affecting my energy positively too.

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Sorry, the correct word is FASTING, not fastening, or?

And, I found the text I were mentioning at the beginning. These are the exact words:

Fasting is great profit for a monk. You should know that there are seven kinds of food for men, that is to say, seven degrees of fasting:

A: Carnivores, who always eat meat. These are in the lowest degree of fasting, even if they sometimes restrain themselves from food. They are never able to advance in prayer.

“B: Lacto-vegetarians, who never eat meat, but only milk, cheese, eggs and all kinds of boiled vegetables. These are in the second degree of fasting, which is kept by Monks in coenobitic Monasteries and, very rarely, by laymen.

“C: Vegetarians, who eat only vegetables and boiled or raw legumes. This arrangement forms the third degree of fasting, and the most zealous monks of the common life keep it.

“D: Fruit-Eaters, who eat bread and uncooked fruits once a day, without otherwise ever tasting food. He who attains this degree of fasting is able to master his body and thoughts without difficulty and can advance rapidly on the path of prayer.

“E: Cereal-Eaters, comprise the fifth degree of fasting. To this degree belong monks – especially hesycasts and desert-dwellers – who eat once a day only black bread, cereals, and soaked grains of wheat, corn, millet, lentils, beans, peas, etc.

“F: Dry Food, is the sixth degree of monastic fasting, which is usually attainted only by the most zealous desert dwellers. Those who live in the this harsh asceticism eat only dried bread soaked in water, with salt or a little vinegar, once a day and by measure. This is how the hesycasts of the Nile valley lived.

“G: Divine Food or manna, is the last and highest degree of monastic fasting, which is attained by very few ascetics after prolonged asceticism, being strengthened by the grace of the Holy Spirit. These are satisfied with the Most Pure Mysteries alone, that is, with the Body and Blood of Christ, which they receive only once or twice a week, without tasting anything else but water only. After difficult temptations and asceticism, and by the Grace of God, I have come to be satisfied with the Most Pure Mysteries alone, and no longer feel hunger, or have need of bread or vegetables…’

The monk who said this, was clairvoyant and many other things.

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It is truly difficult

Here is a thread that might be of some relevance:

I have played with my diet a little bit, but I have found that the best way to improve your abilities is simply to practice them. Getting the right nutrients and shit your body needs is important for it to run optimally. So paying attention to your diet, and what you put in your body IS important, you will see a steady improvement in your overall wellbeing (and therefor abilities) because you are being ‘healthier’.

There is no shortcut or superfood out there that is going to blast open your psychic facilities.

Be mindful that the monks mentioned in the above posts did a heck of a lot more than play with their diet to achieve what they did. They had training regimes and prayer and faith and focused willpower, and lots of other things I can’t think off of the top of my head :stuck_out_tongue: their life was basically dedicated to their craft, and that kind of commitment is hard to come by nowadays with our busy attention-grabbing techno life.


Decalcifying is the first step for most people. Floride, mercury and various other metals cause it to become calcified and hard. Once you do that you can work on improving it even further.

Decreasing fluoride intake is a must. You also may want to research chlorella, wheatgrass and spirulina (to remove mercury in the body).

I have just recently begun to “sun gaze”. A process in which you absorb the energy of the sun by gazing directly into it. This is ONLY to be done during the first hour of sunrise and the last hour before sunset. This is due to the fact that the harmful UV rays are at their absolute lowest levels during these times. Start off with 5 to 10 minutes of gazing and gradually work your way up to 45 min to an hour. (And yes sungazing is also known to help with decalcification).

:warning:DO NOT :warning: sungaze at any other times during the day cause you can and will seriously injure your eyesite.


And yet, Tibetan monks are generally considered to be some of the most spiritually advanced folks around, but their diet consists mainly of yak meat and butter, which are required to provide the calories needed to live at an elevation in the mountains where oxygen content is low.

In his book The 4 Hour Body, the author Tim Ferris describes staying in Nepal for a month, eating a diet mainly of organic meat (such a misnomer, that) and butter, yet when he returned to the US, his cholesterol levels were lower than any vegetarian diet could ever accomplish, and his hormone production was so high that a woman he was having dinner with literally got drunk from his pheromones. His ability to heal was also elevated.

I think this belief that you have to be vegetarian to spiritually progress to be absolute hogwash that isn’t borne out in actual practice at all. It is more of a religious observance than anything absolutely necessary because the reason for it generally has to do with the prohibition against killing any feeling creature.

The ancient shaman who painted his magick symbols on the cave walls to bring bountiful hunting to the tribe would eat the same diet as his fellows. Would one say he wasn’t “spiritually advanced” just because he ate meat?

In my opinion, eating for your body type and your health will do far more for your spiritual Ascent than eating the way a different culture does just because that is what they have had success with. There are cultures with diets that mainstream nutritional science says will kill you but the people are actually far healthier and live longer than the average Westerner, and I think the same can be said for spiritual pursuits. What one culture finds necessary, doesn’t automatically translate to what is necessary for everyone.

There is no one size fits all solution.


I fast regulary. I feel lighter and less dense. When I’m not, I eat TONs of fresh veggies; broccoli, asparagus, spinach, onions, etc. I eat salmon weekly and take flax seed oil. I drink at least 2 cups of green tea daily with a shot of ACV and a bit of honey. I also take tumeric supplements as well…among a bunch of other healthy things. Meditation, purifying the body and giving it what it needs is aways best for keeping the 3rd eye open. But…

I do get down with the red meat though. :yum::meat_on_bone: I don’t eat it often as it’s too heavy and cramps my tummy.

Once I wanted to improve my third eye even more I began to make specific changes. I switched my toothpaste. I got a waaay better water filter for the shower; there is conflicting data about whether or not fluoride can be absorbed thru the skin. Idk if that’s true or not but I know my skin feels better so that’s a win either way. I stopped eating as much tuna…

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Regarding meat, and what was said. I do believe it can matter if you eat it or not. But, maybe not in regard to all entities. I think though (personal opinion) that in regard to some entities your work/prayers/rituals may be better or worse, depending on your diet.

This belief is strengthened by one of my experiences. I once had an angel “possess” my body to heal it - nothing forceful or anything bad, left it after the work was done immediately. I did ask for help and it came in this way. During the duration of this which was somewhere between one and two hours, I had an absolute distain for eating cooked meat, which was ready for lunch. I like meat, but finally I did eat only the salad, I didn’t wanted to touch the meat during this short period.

Take it for what it is, a personal experience. However, for me, it was something to learn from.

I don’t believe it is only a cultural thing, that some monks don’t eat meat, but that there’s more behind it.
And no, I don’t consider the tibetan monks to be the most advanced ones (maybe the most famous) - but that’s a different topic.

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i said generally lol

Caucasians differ from Asians in that their bones tend to be denser and heavier, and on average they are genetically disposed to carry more muscle and fat so they require a different ratio of proteins than someone from the East. Eating the way an Eastern monk does would not benefit most Westerners, spiritually or otherwise.

I am firmly of the belief that the quality of what you eat far outweighs what specific diet you follow. The standard North American diet is horrible, though, so I agree that most people could probably benefit from eating less red meat and more veggies, but only because it improves the body’s health, which in turn improves that of the spirit.

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There is no real good method , just various routes to self improvement , one method is to practice exercises that involve improving photo memory , practice visualizing a variety of things , there are a million and one things to do , no perfect way , no right way , simply work hard