How to identify another practioner

Is there a way to find out if someone is a magician without asking the person?
I think someone close to me might be a practioner but I don’t have proof of this. I just have the feeling that this guy could be casting love spells on me. Is there a way to know for sure if a person is a magician or not?

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It’s better to ask!

Good luck!.

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Trust your instinct and work on negating them.

I haven’t picked up on practioners but for some reason I can sense some people who are involved in local African magick. They carry a certain energy.

You will feel it


There is a bond between you.

Divination was an excellent suggestion.

If you can see auras, there’s apparently a huge difference between occultists and mundanes (I’ve been caught out this way three or four times IRL even though my practice is quite private). This probably goes for most other clairsenses as well, some people are just liable to set them off and if so it’s probably because they’ve got gifts.

After awhile you can often figure it out by cold reading or regular observation with your normal senses as well. Magicians simply carry themselves differently, meter out and calculate their interactions more often for effect, and watch shit play out and unfold more often for longer than average.


I agree with the just ask but also with the reading auras but often times an occultist who relies on external sources aura may show little difference from a mundane person’s aura, as opposed to someone who works with their own energy will show more difference compared to a indirect magick practitioner and a mundane.


If someone were to just ask me if I was a practitioner, I would deny it and then ask them if they were smoking crack. Not everyone is going to be so open.


That and occultists will often manipulate their own aura to appear more innocuous as well. I took efforts to do this with mine after the third or fourth rando who I barely knew asked me if I was a practitioner.

I’m quite mistrustful naturally and not at all open about my praxis IRL either.


Lol I do the opposite I rather people be able to feel and take notice, whether or not I admit it is a different story because then at that point it’s a game to me.


But what do you think constitute a practioner?

I mean, even someone who only dabbles in candle magic and have good results with that is doing magic, it is not like you need to be a heavy ritualist to be a magician.

someone who practices. That’s all practitioner is someone who practices in one form or another.



Doing magic changes a person. You can open the gate a lot or a little and even successfully slam the door shut again and walk away, but you’re not walking away unchanged once you’ve opened the gate.


Do you think one can really shut and lock that door to magic if one have a knack for it?

It’s possible, yes. Good magicians have hanged it up. I doubt it’s easy to do, Christ knows it’s a great feeling to have above average power over life, death, nature and the human heart, but it has been done.

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I’ve done it, if I were to be honest magick isn’t that important to me I do it because I can, but if I wanted to stop completely there’s nothing really stopping from doing so. I don’t rely on it heavily in the first place.

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Not a good idea in today’s society
Talking about magick In today’s society leads people to think mental illness
And Relationships Can be affected in a negative way

It would be amazing to be able to openly tell the world about our practice but people fear us because of our power yet.

Flies nats and other bugs are attracted to me Because of my power