How to identify another practioner

Best to work in the shadows, you can accomplish more away from the view and criticism of others. Forums like this and StudioArcanis are so good as it bands people together with our mutual interest. Occult work. I would never want a world where it was more open a lot of this power would be abused like anything. Better in the hands of the few that search for it than have it mainstream.


Sounds selfish but honestly shouldn’t be mainstream. Would cause a lot of issues

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The occult is already in the mainstream. The more you understand the mysterious of myths, they are easy to pick out in movies, music, paintings, dance performances, etc.

The Occult is the art of life.

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Through my divination practice I have seen a world where it was mainstream. There is more suffering than you realise, a lot of people become a slave to their desires. Some people aren’t meant to know about this side of life it will fuck them they are just a few reincarnations away from being able to use it well IMO. This age of aquarius thing is interesting to see how the paradigm shift plays out. In Asia and Africa occultism is very mainstream and you see a lot of fucked up cases where it’s been abused

Yeah Doctor strange the library scene has the Goetia and key of Solomon as an Easter egg lmao


Yeah…no. lol

Sorry, but I find this highly unlikely. No one “fears” occultists or magicians or witches. That is just egotism.


Than I am a slave to becoming a better person than I was yesterday or the day before. How we see ourselves is sometimes how we see the world.

My desire is education from the books, other people, from nature.

It’s already playing out, people are waking up. I woke up.


They might say they don’t fear us that is there ego.
but subconsciously they feel differently that’s why they are so defensive when it comes to black magick. I ounce told a friends girl I would summon a demon on her.
She told me I don’t believe in demons yet she freaked out and told me if I ever say that again then she will tell the principle.

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Actually, open-minded people will openly discuss things with Black Magicians. My sister has conversations with me all the time - but I don’t follow either side.

We’ve talked about the darkest aspects of Black Magick. It takes the strength of a lion to go down that path.

I wasn’t talking about open minded people
That’s great :grinning: I enjoy speaking to people
About my black magick

Yes, she freaked out because you basically threatened her, not because of the demon part. I’d be willing to bet that is exactly why you did it, to be threatening. I can say “I’m going to make a sandwich” in a certain tone, and it could be read as a threat.

If you live in a Western country, 99% of people don’t fear black magick. However, if you live in Africa, and a few other countries, practicing black magick is punishable by death, and threatening to sic a demon on someone will get you killed.


People who claim to be powerful, are not so powerful.

Most of the powerful practitioners are humble to a fault. It basically boils down to this:

You create the world in which you live. What you put out, you get back out of it. For when you can see beyond the facade of your own subconscious ego, you rise like the Phoniex.

Until you see the bee in the full glory of the morning sun within the Dragon current, you will not know your own true power.

The lotus flower opens at nine and closes at three. For seven scorpions followed her, her hymn is one of praise. The Goddess I speak of works with the God of the underworld and three of her other sisters.

Power is within your fingertips. Power is not given or taken. It is earned step by step along your path. For you are king of your own fate, always learn from the mistakes.

Honesty and kindness are where the most power is. When you know your path and you see a vision of how you want your life to be, that is power.


I personally can’t stand how a handful of occultists now a days are, because they follow the occult they think themselves better than ‘mundanes’ but the occult doesn’t make you any less mundane, you still work a 9-5 job, go to school, eat the same, sleep the same, shit the same lol. Your occultist knowledge wont stop someone with a well worked out fist, or gun, or hell a bat lol.

You can be as open as you want with your path, will some look at you like wtf, yes and? it’s your choice to be open, a lot of pagans are open and at this point in time no one really bats an eye unless you’re in those seriously aggressive bible belt areas or like DarkestKnight mentioned the countries where it’s looked down on heavily.

Americans and Europeans for the most part have it easy on expressing their path, but they let others scare them into keeping quiet, not to say go out and flex yourself, but let’s not act like because you slap dark magician or occultist on yourself that you’re some evolved human.



That damn poop has still gotta come out in the morning, dang it!


Sorry, had to! :joy::rofl:

I hope everyone has a good night. But you’re so right @anon48079295! We’re just living day to day.

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That depends on the current. There’s one very renown sect (I’m sure you know which one) that requires antinomian acts in order to progress through its alchemical system. Participating in, and completing these acts, by default, separates you from the masses, not only in the acts themselves, but through the burdens and consequences that have to be carried unto death as a result of those actions. But in the case of the Draconian, Goetian and UPG systems, I wholeheartedly agree with your statement.

Sure send me a photo :slight_smile:

P.s occultists and practitioners give off a different vibe and pheromone rate. Trust your gut, chances are, they are, because you wouldn’t of felt a hunch without something feeling apparent.

It’s like looking at someone and knowing that they got bad intentions. You can look at someone and can tell they read up on satanic and darker finer sweets of life. The biggest alarm is the eye contact — it will interlock, it will be linked on a VERY psychic level, it will not be missed , it always happens

Yeah this is what I mean, there’s many occultists who pretty much feel like they’re just trying to be “different” I mean sure we’re different in the sense of who we are as individuals, but there’s many “dark magicians” and such who think they have some astonishing aura and intense vibe but it’s the opposite lol.
I’ve met few ‘mundanes’ with an intenser vibe, and maybe one occultist (they dont consider themselves such) whose vibes had me kind of nervous for a moment lol that’s how intense she felt.


I find out that people get slightly afraid when they hear about witchcraft of any kind and movies are responsible for this most of the time.

They should be afraid they have no protections