How to identify a spirit I was invoked with for about 6 weeks? (Newbie questions)

I got cross faded at a friends party and felt prompted to walk into an unoccupied room start speaking into my phones voice recorder. I was just getting into Magick and knew some chaos Magick theory but I hadn’t gone much deeper than sigils in my practice. I knew about invocation and had a rough idea of possession but I wasn’t nearly as into it as I am now. I need to dig it up and listen to it but I remember speaking in a very strange low vocal fry voice for about 20 minutes and made a few recordings where I distinctly remember the entity telling me “I know you are concerned with whether or not you are possessed. You are, but for your benefit…” It then gave me instructions I’m definitely going to go listen to once I get my old phone back and running again. Now that I think about it my success started dwindling after I changed phones to my Note 4… Going to dig that out tonight, I think the spirit may have imprinted on it.

What followed was a completely different approach to life I’ve ever had. If you’ve read any of my other threads this was the beginning of my sexual golden era when I had more personal power and dominance than ever before. I became the guy I’ve always wanted to be with women and my personal diplomacy with anyone I talked to conveyed pleasant power and value like I had never experienced before.

I walked upstairs and my friends dog was being a dick so I pinned him to the floor, made him feel bitched and then made a point to completely ignore him for the rest of the night. I pet him later and I was his new buddy, from then on he was crazy about me and didn’t respect anyone else. Immediately after that the magazine cover gorgeous girl I was interested in started texting me saying how excited she was to get together and how “I’ve got to admit., I am really intimidated by you. You’re kind of amazing.” “I hope you’re not …too perfect” etc. What followed was the best month I’ve ever lived. I kissed her within seconds of arriving at her place and 21 intense orgasms later after we hooked up the first time she was telling me she felt owned and used the words “Sex God” to describe me. She wasn’t the only one either. I had options and became the prize. Whoever this spirit is they’ve got my favor. I’m not sure if they’re a Goetic spirit or not. Maybe Azazel? Whoever they are they came to me and I’m glad they did.

How would you go about seeking them out if you don’t know their name or sigil? I’m tempted to recreate the conditions of being drunk and dab high if only I had a rig. For the longest time I thought it was my Kratom strain (Bentuangie).

Does spontaneous invocation happen? They said I was “possessed”. I’m still trying too wrap my head around how this could happen without contacting me asking to be invoked.

For them: I want to work with the spirit from last summer again and hearby welcomingly invite you into my life. I’d love to be able to reconnect so let it be publicly known I am trying to contact and work with you. You have more than caught my attention and thank you for all those experiences you brought into my life, I would love to make a pact and eagerly look forward to working more. Formally, The Norski


You need to recreate some of the vibe on that, I won;t try to guide you either way on the drink/high thing, uyou have to make the call using your best judgment, try to find the same music and clothesa that feel like the same you had on:

Once you have “evoked” that vibe, try doing this:

Let yourself get really into it, don’t try to self-censor or do analytical overlay, you can do those things later.

Afterwards, ride with it if that works for you, or alternatively stop, get the lights as bight as possible, different music or some TV, make a thing to eat, and try to break the whole feeling as much as possible - alternatively, try going to sleep if you feel a bit fucked and keep something you can record voice with as well as a notepad in case you need to record a dream the moment you wake up.

And yeah I get a feeling getting that phone back working will help, maybe wait until you have it for this, or have it physically present even if you can’t get the recording off. I think that’s going to help.


Hell yes!!! That was exactly what I’ve been looking for. This whole process is what took me from having a casual interest to near obsession with this stuff. Everything I did, said, and thought was still me, it was just a very specific aspect of me that didn’t ever hold back. Pure action, pure intent. It’s part of why I’m here actually. I was perpetually surprised for the entire period and I can mark the exact moment I lost my mojo when it left. I can still do similar things but it’s not nearly the same lately.

Thank you for that. This is going to be an interesting process. I called for Azazel yesterday and got so deep with it my vision started to blur. I basically just spoke the entire time but I get the sense he merged with me for a bit because after the invocation I hit my to do list hard and had to sleep for an hour or two after. I might be understanding how this works now


This might be useful to you:

I think you are already in some flow of energy, “walking between the planes” to some degree, so this may work fast, I was just working with him earlier and I think this is no coincidence. let me know if you try it out! :+1:

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