How to harness one's sickness

i wasn’t able to find a topic on BALG related to this. So I apologise if this topic has already been made.

Now what I wandered if you are able to harness whatever energy that is inflicted on you while you’re sick.

I am abit ill today, but I thought that it could be turned to my advantage.

Now I’m not essentially talking about curing yourself, but to harness it to be used in any magical workings.

P.S: I hope my writing is understandable. My dyslexia can interrupt once I’m either tired or sick.


Well if your looking to cure the illness i can be of help but for things like transfering the illness to another object or person, i think that is @Aiden_Crow domain lol.


Ultimately I would like to be cured. But I thought that this was a good question to ask.

Why should one limits him/herself over their state of being?


Well feel free to pm me some details and i’ll see what advice i can give you. Pretty sure when @Aiden_Crow comes online he will give you his advice too :slight_smile:


Thank you, I shall wait to PM you for the time being. As I would like to see what other brethrens here on BALG has to say.

If my illness could be used to an advantage, it would be a “shame” that I had just been cured…:wink:

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I don’t know too much but if you’re ultimately looking to be healed, take a quartz crystal to the affected area and envision the illness as a black mist then envision going into the crystal and cleanse the crystal. You could also ritually banish ilness too. as for gaining energy from it, transmute the illness? Or perhaps take the illness in the form it already is and envision it going into an enemy


Thank you for the information. Unfortunately I don’t have any quartz crystal at my disposal.

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Any crystals?

I have a Lapis Lazuli laying somewhere.

Swap that for quartz

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If your looking for Daath you could empathise the suffering of others through your own pain!


I don’t know about advantage, but I think you can transfer your sickness to something like…say a plant…
I have never tried it but I believe it should work.

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Make a servitor to take your illness and fling it at someone else.


I have a friend diagnosed with an illness, does anyone know what rituals or anything I can do to get it cured or destroyed? I am experienced just need to know the right thing to do, any recommendations? thanks.

Depend what you mean illness. Minor cold? Just some light healing spell. Something that is probably fatal? That may take a bit more work.

@Einar02[quote=“Einar02, post:14, topic:18668”]
or destroyed
Interesting choice of words. A death curse is an option btw if we want to go down that route.

Plenty. I need more of a background though.

its a terminal illness but its at an early stage, so there could be some hope, but never the less its new news so it could be bad

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@Einar02 Can I just send you a few entities from a grimoire? To see if they can help

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yeah that be great thanks