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Hi there,

I’m very new to this so I’m sorry if I say something wrong. I think about working with a demon to improve myself and need some specifications.

  1. Do I need to make a pact with a demon to learn from him/her?

  2. Do I need to give/him her anything?

  3. Is it possible to stop the working process if necessary without pain?

  4. What demons are the best for IT science, world secrets and personal spiritual improvement?

  5. Is it possible to work with multiple spirits in a later time frame?

  6. What are the advantages of making a pact?

Thanks in advance!

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Here is tons of useful informations you seek Some Member Resources & Tips

  1. no, but if you want more close relation with spirit pact should be considered.
  2. Sometimes they want some sort of sacrifice, but not always. It is in good mode to give em something- food, tobbaco, alcohol, or other stuff.
  3. Yes.
  4. Mercurial spirits for IT. For secrets- King Paimon and some other spirits. For personal improvement- almost all spirits can teach you something.
  5. Yes.
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1: No.

2: Offerings are not mandatory but they are always welcome. In a pact, however, you must offer the spirit something as it is a binding contract between you.

4: Pick up a copy of the Goetia or use the search function in the upper right corner. There are many threads here about spirits for the sciences.

5: Yes.

6: The advantage of a pact is that you have an exclusive relationship with a powerful spirit for a specific length of time and your spiritual progress will be accelerated. Pacts are usually entered into for purposes such as teaching or long term goals that require a lot of work to accomplish. They are taken quite seriously by the spirits and should not be entered into lightly because you will be expected to hold up your end of the bargain.

What do you mean by "working process? If you mean breaking a pact, then there will be consequences, the type of which will depend on the spirit. If you mean, simply getting out of a pact, then, yes, it can be negotiated but the spirit may want something extra from you.


Many thanks for your kind and helpful answers. There are some further questions regarding the practical process.

  1. After summon a spirit does he/she appear in person?

  2. In my country we do speak german, so do I also need to spell everything in english?

  3. Can I talk to the spirit in my language or do I need to speak english?

  4. Or is the whole communication telepathic and not in person?

  5. With stop the process I meant if I summoned a demon and still made no pact, I can stop talking/working with him/her without being haunted.

Thanks in advance!

Sorry I forgot to ask: where do I find the list of Goetia spirits and their pro’s and con’s? I couldn’t find it :frowning:

  1. Nicht unbedingt , nur wenn du halt Weihrauch oder Räucherstäbchen anzündest kann er sich in den Rauch manifestieren. Kommt immer drauf an

2./3. Du kannst alles auf Deutsch machen. Es sind sehr mächtige Wesen die alle Sprachen verstehen

  1. bei Evokation kann er normal zu dir sprechen , aber nur wenn du ihn hören kannst , dasselbe gilt auch bei Telepathie. Bei der Invokation spricht er durch dich.

  2. Naja wenn du ihn rufst , sollte es ein Grund sein warum . Wenn du was willst musst du halt bereit sein auch was dafür zu geben. Manchmal kann das auch anders sein. Aber wenn du ihn rufst und Ergebnisse haben möchtest wäre es besser mit den Dämon zusammen zu arbeiten und auf eine Freundschaft einzugehen. Überlege dir immer genau warum du ihn rufst , sonst kann es unangenehm werden. Mehr kann ich dir dazu nicht antworten.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen

2. of course, in a pact you have to give something in exchange, be it your loyality, abstaining from doing something, offerings (blood, cum, saliva, food, etc.)
3. it could depend
4. for personal spiritual improvement - Lucifer, Azazel, Belial, Bael and there are many others, but I gave you example of demons that helped me improve my “personal spiritual” life
5. What do you mean? You can work with as as many entities as you’d like to, but it is recommended to work with a limited number of entities at one time because there are high chances that you’ll not be able to handle that.
6. the advantage of a pact is that the things you have asked for will become 100% true if the specific entity will agree with that, another advantage it would be the fact that you’ll develop a much better connection with that specific entity to some degrees, and there are many others advantages for sure

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  1. What do you mean?
  2. No, you should spell in the language your feeling more comfortable
  3. the same, talk to the spirit in the language your feeling comfortable, if your thinking in german, then speak to the entity in german
  4. it could depend, but that happens in the worst scenarios, just if you did something really bad
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Thank you at all for your replies. I’ll go and discover more informations on this site and then I’ll decide if I will do it or not, because it’s a real serious thing and if I do, I want to do it for positive results and don’t want to get negative results or experiences.

But I think that a serious try won’t harm me?

Best Regards,

Yes, it won’t harm you.

I also would treat the spirit always with respect and be very friendly. I have read that this is most important.

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