How to get someone to leave me alone

This guy is an out and out pest!

I once accepted a friends request on facebook and being the friendly person i am; i talked to the guy but over the last couple of weeks hes forcing his energy on me
Its like he wont leave me alone for 5 minutes! He interferes telling me how i should deal with every situation in my life which is none of his business!
Then i have distanced and tried to ignore him so he decides to message me on imessage then on whatsapp then on facebook.

His energy is being annoying to me! Then he will sit and tell me what his plans are and invite me everywhere he is going even when i have told him the day before i am doing such and such.

Any idea how i can get rid of this buffoon!

Block him everywhere. If, after that, he continues bothering you, tell him you’re always busy. If he still doesn’t get it, then do some banishing ritual.

He pursues you and you somehow respond. Stop telling him about yourself and your life. Try not responding. Exhaust the “mundane” ways to banish him before doing magick.

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Yes think i have to block him as he is really being a pain and abusing the privilege of my good nature

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Freeze his ass out of your life:


I never even led him on or anything! I dont even like him in that way

I might actually do this freezing spell

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Like @anon6645274 said use the ‘block’ spell and begone with his bitch-ass


There’s no reason to rely on magick when the block button does the job with less effort and faster. Unless you want to use him as a test subject, which has it’s own advantages. Consider him a volunteer! :smiley:


Did you tell him that you dont want contact with him anymore?

You blocked him and to any sensible person that is a clear enough message but some people are dense so to those people you have to be blunt.

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I do agree with blocking being the best port of call. But I would suggest sending a final message explaining why you’re doing it, keeping it factual and polite - then block. The reason being that often when someone lacks certain basic awareness as this fellow seems to, the inexplicable (from their point of view) sudden ghosting causes them an additional obsession of trying to find out why. That can turn into quite a storm.

If you do decide to go the magickal route, I strongly recommend the “move someone out of your life” ritual from Gordon Winterfields book Magickal Attack. I’ve done it a number of times for various reasons and never seen any one of them again. I know they are still around town, just we never end up being in the same place at the same time or even passing each other in the street anymore. Its like it works as a subtle but effective influence.
Having said that, I didn’t use it on someone who has such an active obsession as you describe, so I don’t know whether it would play out differently. But it reportedly also causes someone to lose interest in you and stop thinking of you, so it may translate quite well.

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google grey rock method :ok_hand:

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