How to get power with magick

I need to get power you can call me a bit power hungry I’m trying to get personal power like a powerful personality to gain the job I know I deserve I’m sick of feeling worthless I can gradually change my personality but that’s not so easy in my situation I need to cut some corners I need to know how to get power because I can’t experiment with rituals and fysical stuff because the risk of people knowing what I use it for is to great and that gives them a reason to underestimate me and I hate that with my whole being and I don’t care if I develop a God complex

So…you basically want power without actually having to work for it?

Good luck with that. Real power is not gained so easily.


Two ideas occurring me at the moment are a breathing practice where, during the inhalation, you imagine to absorb the place’s energy. And, also, to work with Cimeries from the Goetia, who makes the magician into a “warrior”.

“Power” is the ability to bring a given amount of energy to bear in a given amount of time. It takes work to build up your ability to do this, and it takes learning through practice to work out how to apply the energy you have built.

Think of it like getting a 200 lb bench at the gym: there’s a lot you can do to optimize muscle growth, but it still is a skill and development thing that takes time, you have to have good form, and if you have bad form and try too hard too fast you can get injured and that destroys your ability to even train for a while. So it is with magickal power.

Look up the concept of “magickal fatigue”, the sickness people feel after running more energy then they’re used to, it’s directly analogous to getting delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) and after they recover from that they don’t feel it with the same effort level any more. Run enough energy through you to get magickal fatigue once a month or once and you’ll get stronger faster. As below, so above.

There’s more kinds of magick than just ceremonial.

Have you tried using tool-free magick that you do by basically sitting on your arse looking like you’re meditating or listening to music? You can build an astral temple and do full rituals in that, and the act of using an astral temple also build your skills, or you can try shamanic journeying to talk to entities, or visualisation techniques.

You can practice and not look like you’re practicing.


Is a astral temple in execution a bit like a mind palace?

I would not say so, no, though I recently used the mind palace as an analogy for when you’re delving into a mind using dreamwork or Josephine McCarthy’s technique of seeing it as a sort of mansion.

The astral temple is not your mind, it’s a location you have build somewhere in your personal astral plane fit to the purpose of acting as a space for magickal ritual acted out in your imagination. It has nothing to do with memorization techniques, it’s a psychic substitute for a physical location. It’s separate from you. Your mind palace can have a memory of it.

From the article you linked:

A memory palace is a memory technique that associates items or topics with locations within a room, route, or other specified location.

Your astral temple is a tool, you can remember it but that doesn’t do much, you will USE it in the astral as if you were using a similar looking temple in the physical, building memories for sure, but not storing them there.

I guess that there’s astral travel needed to make a astral temple

I consider this more like shamanic journeying. Astral travel tends to be more focused on visiting places super close to the physical plane, viewing the Taj Mahal or other scenic places like your living room.

This can be built in places you find and don’t recognise, though they might also be related to the physicals.

My first “astral temple” was made using the techniques of the Order of Bards, Ovate and Druids to create what they call an “inner grove” which is very similar and a think I learned before I heard of “astral temples”. I just use that term now because BALG is a forum where we’re usually talking in terms of Western Occultism. But this is not a new idea and exists across cultures by different names.

I made my grove in what turned out to be someone’s back yard. This was a problem, as it was too close to the physicals, and before I realised it was a space shared by people I would find things inexplicably moved from where I put them. The physical manifests data into the astal and vice versa, if you change the physical, say, the position of a chair, it will often slowly update in the astral and humans minds make it so.

So I would say while it’s astral, do put it somewhere out of the way if you intend it to be in a place you can map to a physical location. You could also put it in a fictional location you invent, a location another author invented (like a place in a game or book) or don’t put it anywhere and do this stuff just in the dark in your crossroads, or in your personal mental space visualized as a house.


I never had experience getting into a light trance so I’m a bit lost by step one

Try these exercises:

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