How to get possesed?

What is the easiest way to get possesed and when possesed can the Demon instantly open all senses for comunication I am sick of this slow way it may take a few years for me this way, Is there are ritual or a chant that will blow me away that is not something like a life long pact.


Call on peralta to open your astral senses

did that in the begining of my journey there is something strange about me I think that something is off and they work in the shadows like a shadow hand in my life not wanting to connect with me did someone experience something similar, it is weird or it maybe that I am soo slow just wired that way I have a great thinking mind and one thing i am certain is that they improved it.

Who’s peralta ?

I think he meant Paralda, The Elemental King of Air.

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He gives you astral hearing ?

King Paralda can aid in opening the senses, yes. In fact, in EA’s Evocation Course, he is the first spirit you evoke and task with that exact purpose.


Is he better at that than Lucifer or King Paimon ?

King Paimon manipulates the mind. As far as i know, he does not aid in opening the senses, though I have never asked it of him so could be wrong. I cannot speak to Lucifer, as I have never worked with him. Opening the senses is one of King Paralda’s specialties, according to EA, and, as an elemental, he is a very easy being to contact. I had great results with him.


How do I contact him ?

The same way you contact any being. Open his sigil.

I can’t find his sigil

This came out of evoking eternity


Thanks. i was trying to find a way to post it for @TheRookie ! It is also given in the workbook for the evocation course.

Here is another way of contacting Paralda through guided imagery I found through the divination system known as Google that might be helpful. it does not require the sigil.


Yea seen the post thought I’d help out


Invocation is usually the best way, but go with a demon you know well and have been working with for a long amount of time with. As the connection will be strong already.


^ agreed.

How about I just offer my Body, Mind, Emotions, Spirit to him and say, "come into me. Possess me’.?
Focus on his sigil and run ( AIR ELEMENT ? ), since he is of air, and / or my own personal energies through the sigil, and breathe in the energy from the sigil into me.
Also breathe in the air element through THE BACK of the sigil, through it, and into myself, while calling on Paralda to possess me.
And, offer my blood, by either putting a drop on the sigil, or, offering to let him into my body and possess me through my blood ?
Just possibilities.


IMO these are more like muscles that develop with time than something to open, like opening a regular eye, if there was one single way to do this that made people go from NO senses to a full set then it would have been found by now…

That said, once you start working with spirits and doing magick, you’ll find quantum leaps happen, and then of coyrse you’ll have the “was that real or just a coincidence” thing lol… but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it! :thumbsup:

Agree on Paralda based on what I heard, also try day-dreaming more, about fun things, that will strnegthen your mind’s eye.


Thank you again ^ ^

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