How to get off this planet and never come back?

I don’t like this planet at all. I feel like I was born just to suffer like I’m stuck in some kind of prison. How can I leave it permanently after I’m gone and find true peace?


True peace comes from within not from where you are.
Why not take ownership of your life and stop feeling like it controls you and start controlling it.
There is so much work to be done here.


Is it the weather?


Could you be more specific?

Well the hurricanes, lightning storms, floods, rain, hot weather, sweaty people and occasional mustiness would put you off after a while too. :wink:

Seriously though I grew tired of this planet long ago when I realized the people in my life were just too difficult to be around. People like this would make me feel withdrawn like they don’t want to listen to my problems and I deserve better than retards who fight all the time instead of trying to work together. If that’s all there is to life then I don’t see the point in living here or reincarnating if this isn’t my first time here. I don’t get the point of being alive if we’re all just going to suffer just for being born. We don’t deserve this shit and I want out.

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The grass is always greener on the other side.

Just because there are different planets, that doesn’t mean they’re all better than Earth.



You people are in the same boat. IWanna help you but my spirit friends hate the idea, and tell me not to feed your antics.


I didn’t say planets. I meant any place where I could be comforted and never have to feel this way anymore. If I’m disappointed with how things are on earth then I don’t think another planet is the way to go.

Yeah I don’t understand that “logic.” Spirits want to help us…but only on their terms when they want to when they say so. Yeah real helpful. That crap is why I don’t buy into pathworking nonsense. Left or Right, both angels and demons have their own agendas and it doesn’t involve working for humanity’s benefit. Otherwise these spirits who are 6000+ years old or so wouldn’t have a job. Celestial job security is the reason why we’re suffering. Moronic.

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I guess it’s the aspect they show me. I believe in bettering yourself.

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Ask them yourself.

You should work on dealing with your energies , food , chakras , thought patterns , exercise , even if you feel like this isn’t home , if you feel good n good energies it won’t even matter that much , sounds like ground your root chakra and heal it , I know everything doesn’t revolve around the chakras , but trust me it will helpn


Why would I want to ground myself into the planet I don’t like? How is that going to help? Sounds like a step backwards.

Lmfao , you sound like you can just escape this incarnation so easily have fun figuring it out yourself


I don’t think the planet is the source of your problems. I think you came here for a reason, it’s gonna get better.


How can I find out this reason…? What spirit could I talk to to gain the answers I’m looking for?

You don’t need a spirit , use your intuition , what path and work pulls on your emotional compass

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Death is an option,I dont want to encourage you into killing yourself but that seems the only way to get off this planet.


I don’t feel a pull to anything though!!! No path makes me feel like “this is the right way for me!” That’s why I’m asking for insight and you’re telling me to figure it out myself! I can’t figure this out myself so if you don’t want to help then please don’t respond.

That’s not even an option , when your physical body dies at a younger date, your other bodies still take time to dissolve , so op would be in limbo , and get a shittier incarnation