How to get luck?My life is HELL

Since 2023 started it felt like a damn living hell. My ex broke up with me for no reason he lost feelings on my birthday, Every time I tried to get a job on the first day I WOULD GET COVID OR FLU and they thought i was lying so i can get days off in the first week of work…2 weeks of being sick to bed and happened twice every time i started a job, other job interviews didn’t work as planned i was never chosen. Boys I tried to date would ignore me or it didn’t work at all, or they just wanted sex and then ghosted me.Also, I’ve lost some good old friends that were with me for years…I either accidentally cursed myself or someone else did…
This year went ,so great, I feel like quitting life…tbh


Focus on the moment

Accept everything as it is

Feel happiness no matter what

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This sounds like you could do with taking some safety measures like banishing, grounding, protection and healing rituals. There’s lots to choose from in the forum’s search bar.

You can turn things around and I wish you good luck :slightly_smiling_face:

one step at a time.find a magick system that you feel fits to you and work it.

Some solutions from here, EA Koetting, Black Pullet etc:
vibrate I (with the “i” of “in”) to disrupt negative energy patterns on/around you;
vibrate O against inner blocks;
“Senapos terfita estamos perfiter notarin” against possible, once again, negativity;
The affirmations “I forgive myself” and “I’m fine and everything is fine”;
Visualize a sun on each chakra, one after another, and imagine your aura being large of a bright golden-white color.


I’m sorry for your situation! First try this:

Now, somethings that helped me and could help you too:

  • from the book The Magick of Angels and Demons - Henry Archer:

Sealiah and Vine: To discover if a curse has been set against you, and in doing so, remove its
power to cause harm

Sitael and Vassago: To offer protection during a period of misfortune

  • from the book Angelic Trance Magick - Ben Woodcroft:

Hahaiah: Ease Adversity
Yeyayel: Business Fortune
Shahahiah: Ease a Crisis
Rehoel: Recover Vitality
Vevaliah: Prosperity
Ariel: Improve Finances
Damebiah: Protect Against Curses

  • from the book The Angles of Omnipotence - Jareth Tempest:

Ebuhuel: Protection from mundane threats and Protection from bad luck
Atuesuel: Let go of negativity
Tabatlu: Bliss on a tap
Labusi: Open yourself to prosperety
Ublisi: Blessing, Protection from supernatural

Try also:

I hope you find what you need


@Ioana_Cristina Or it could be a change of destiny in your life, something else that the universe want you to perform especially if you are around this ages: 20-21 ; 24-25 ; 27-28 ; 31-32 ; 35-36 ; 41-42 and 47-48 years old

These are the ages of planets when they mature and start giving you hints about what they are in your chart.

20-21 is sun
23-24 Moon
24-25 Venus
27-28 Mars
31-32 mercury
35-36 Saturn
41-42 Rahu
47-48 ketu


You said something about misfortune. You wrote very little and it’s hard to relate to it. In my experience, it’s hard to curse someone who’s tough. Some are so tough that they seem to break curses on their own. some literally curse themselves for their weaknesses.
In my job, I can’t afford to be weak. I work in heat and snow. You wrote about the flu. The first thing that came to my mind: Take care of your immunity! Didn’t you think that when you’re scared when you go to a job interview, you get sick more easily? Like you’ve been cursed.
You can always go to some shaman who will magically clean your wallet of money.
You don’t need their rituals, you can do it yourself.
Another thing is that you didn’t say what you do or who you work with.
In my experience, women are cruel to themselves, and men will do and forgive a lot for a flirty look and a smile. Maybe just change your surroundings and approach.

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