A simple cleansing incantation with Aphrodite

Good evening.

I’ve thought about showing you another spell. This one is for cleansing and banishing your sacred space, destroying impostor spirits, egregores and other smaller beings preventing you from ascending. It also works for silencing your enemies and asking for protection.

This spells calls on Aphrodite/Venus, the almighty hellenic goddess of love, lust, art, war, strength, and many other things.

This is a mix between VK Jehannum’s chants and my own channeled ones.

Here it is:

Mozdaeur (mawz-DAY-er) + Zhizlal (zihz-lawl)

Argennis, Apotrophia, Aphakitis, Aphrodite

Salve Domina Kupria (3x)

Invoco Aphrodite-Zephuritis (5x)

Goddess of War, of fortitude, of beauty and love. I call on thee, Aphrodite, for your heroic aspect in order to banish any curse, hex or low intention pointed at me. My enemies, being hidden or shown, fail to ruin my peace and they face the anger and great power of Kupria Aphrodite Argennis.

Show no mercy to whoever desires to affect and hurt me, or transform me into a target for gossip and twisted commentary. Throw all that into the fire, my Queen, for I am your ally and I need your help. Cleanse my space, destroy my enemies, negative thought forms and egregores!

Borzaeron Oztaea Gosthaear Oznural (5x)

Ekaton Enirama Acaton Befhila (9x)

Ave Aphrodite! Ave Domina Kupria. Salve Aphakitis!



Have a good one, fellas.


I sense energy behind your words. they themselves carry power

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Good to know

This is good stuff, you guys should try it :stuck_out_tongue:

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Just did this one I will admit I read it from my phone though. I’m still curious to see what will happen. BTW do you have anymore spells like this for Aphrodite? Just thought of something. Can I use this as a way to cleanse my aura too?

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Yes, you can. In fact, if you want to, you can add that to the spell’s text and ask Venus for that matter. I really believe it already cleanses the aura, to be honest. But do however you feel like

This is the only cleansing I have with Aphrodite. My other rites are not related to cleansing. Maybe I’ll channel another one in the future.

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Nice! Thank you for the information. I really appreciate it. I did this rite a few times today (from memory). I’m curious to see what will happen now. Btw, If you dont mind me asking; what are the other rites related to?

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Personal ones, but mostly beauty, harmony between a couple and glamour.

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Did this spell twice .
Thank you to Aphrodite.
I ask that you shield me from toxic people , energies and circumstances!!
Thank you to @truewerewolf

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Am I able to ask Aphrodite to empower my astral body with this rite too ?

It will only cleanse and protect you. Empowering the astral self would be a different kind of ritual, but you gave me an idea. I might channel that one later :slight_smile:

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:grimacing: I might have added that in a few times. But… i have been seeing a ton of mermaid images lately. So i believe She is communicating with me. I gave her blood today in hopes of strengthen of our connection.


Good idea. I use that sigil as well btw

This will connect you further with Aphrodite, no doubt about it. Blood is sacred

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Thanks man. I know tonight is a full moon/lunar eclipse. I really hope I see her. I read an article on Aphrodite by VK Jehannum and I knew she was the one. Not to mention I’m a libra so Venus is my kinda my ruler anyway. Plus, before looking into her I would get the urge to play and sing “Venus” by Shocking Blue on my guitar. So she may have been around me for awhile. I plan to keep giving her blood every Friday.

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Do what your heart says as long as it does not become harmful for you. Keep control of your sacred space during rites.

And yeah, I’d say tonight would be perfect. I’m planning to do a ritual myself. Full moon in scorpio + Venus’ day, so you know shit will go down lol


I absolutely will!!! I’m excited to see what will happen tonight. Thanks for this rite dude! I’ll definitely be on the look out for your next channeled Aphrodite rite.

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