Goddess Fortuna question about her likes

If anyone has worked with her, what does she like (colors, offerings, best time of day to connect with her etc)?

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I know it’s a old post but I thought I would answer since I know you Kish and I’m thinking about working with her myself at least temporally.

So first off she is roman goddess, another roman import from greece, as are other gods they borrowed. In greece she was known as Tyche and in both places was originally associated with agricultural bounty. Her specialty as far as abilities was increasing agricultural abundance which over time morphed into money since grain, olive oil, viniculture etc… were big business in the classical mediterranean world.

Things you might be able to offer her like most roman and greek deties (or egregores to some) are things like red wine, bread, meats etc… Since she in particular was originally associated with agriculture you might things like grains, fruits, vegetables etc… basically the stuff flowing out of her cornucopia. As far incenses frankincense and myrrh will do fine.

The colors the that I have researched she likes are green (makes sense with her being a agricultural deity).

The best time to I’ve heard is Wednesday or Thursday. That’s is at least if your going to reach to her for what most people do… cough money… I don’t think it matters what time. You could try the hour of jupiter and mercury on those days just in case. I’ve also heard she is venusian in nature so you could also try Friday on hour of venus or the other two days. That’s about all I know about her. I’ll link some sources below.
(The research files vol. XVIII: The Planet Venus - Morino Ravenberg)

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I’ve been working consistently with the Goddess Tyche for at least 2 years! She and Fortuna are arguably the same goddess, though I’ve found that Roman and Greek deity names have different energies. My preference is Tyche, and I recommend her heavily. I would not personally use the names interchangeably.

The amazing works Tyche has done for me!!!
I won’t get too specific, but she’s literally brought me out of poverty, blessed me with more than one amazing long shot job after years of unemployment, and has guided me away from making the wrong career choices in a very big, obvious way. She’s helped me move to a safe neighborhood and found me friends I never would have met otherwise when I was in despair. She’s literally changed my life for the better in so many ways. I highly recommend working with her.

The approach:
I would approach Tyche with a beautifully scented candle and a glass of champagne and/or luxury chocolate or a super nice charcuterie board. Think luxury, think gold, think peak power and grace. She is the goddess with the power to turn kings into beggars and beggars into kings. She’s so powerful that when Julius Caeser’s wheel came off his wagon as he passed her temple in a victory parade, he crawled up the steps of the temple of Jupiter in atonement and created a frenzy of massive offerings. She is the goddess of good AND BAD fortune, and she metes it out at will, so it’s important to keep that in mind!
Remember that in some myths, her mother is Aphrodite and her father is Hermes, and I’ve started working with Hermes since venerating her. So think of beauty and the power to change the world on a whim combined with cleverness and wit and savvy, added to the very concept of fortune itself.

Recommended prayers:
I start by thanking her for her presence and honoring her power by talking about all she has dominion over, then thanking her for my blessings and naming the ones that have changed my life the most. I would not ask for something right away. You can, but I would do a few intros first.
When you do ask for something, give a small offering and tell her exactly what you’ll give as an offering if she grants your prayers. Regular veneration practices are a great offering, so is telling people about it IN ADDITION, and something made of real gold is great to show deep gratitude.
I would also recommend using these hellenic prayers/hymns:
Hymns to Tykhê:

Orphic Hymn #72

With prayer in mind, I summon you here, Tyche, noble ruler,
Gentle goddess of the roads, for wealth and possessions,
As Artemis who guides, renowned, sprung from the loins of Eubouleus.
Your wish is irresistible.
Funereal and delusive, you are the theme of men’s songs.
In you lies the great variety of men’s livelihood.
To some you grant a wealth of blessings and possessions,
While to others, against whom you harbor anger, you give evil poverty.
But, O goddess, I beseech you to come in kindness to my life,
And with abundance grant me happiness and riches.
source: Tyche - Hellenismos and Me

I like to get creative. I aim to do a weekly offering of champagne to her, with a thank you note venerating her written on fake ancestor money paper. She has a statue and dried flowers and gifts all around, and when she blesses me with good fortune for my career, I pay a small token at her feet symbolizing that specific victory. Anything luxurious or that reminds me of good fortune is what I offer - so money paper, flowers, origami (it’s difficult for me so this is an energy offering as well), etc.
For big offerings, I’ve bought her a real gold necklace before with an imitation Roman coin with her face on it. I also bought her statue in an agreement that if I landed a much-needed job, I’d get it for her. That was the first thing I got for her shrine.
I’ve also had other experiences with her that are less standard, but DM me about it if you’re interested. I would start with what I’ve described.
Whatever you do, make it special, you want to wow her. Don’t just do a glass of water and a candle unless it’s genuinely all you have to offer.

Any day works, but I often find the most time on Wednesday or Friday nights. I haven’t worried too much about it. I tend to do offerings at night.
I light a peach scented candle on her shrine and I read the prayer paper I wrote, and sometimes another prayer as well as I linked above. I kneel in front of it too.

PLEASE don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions!